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Urgent Public Service Announcement: Do Not Drink Liquid Nitrogen

Picture: David Monniaux (CC)

Attention, consumers of fluids! Put your drink down now! Is it fuming? Inhumanly cold? Have your fingers become like glass, even now threatening to shatter into a thousand fleshy splinters? You may be drinking liquid nitrogen. That feeling in your stomach isn’t regret, it’s a perforation.

Too bad someone didn’t clue in an unnamed Lancashire woman who decided to chug-a-lug a cocktail full of liquid nitrogen that maybe that might not be such a good idea. According to the BBC, emergency surgeons had to REMOVE HER STOMACH after she drank the deadly drink, apparently served to her at a bar. The bar’s owners have been instructed not to serve any more drinks containing liquid nitrogen, although one must wonder why anyone would have to be told not to do so in the first place.… Read the rest

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‘Bible of Futuristic Culinary Art’ Contains Cheeseburger Made Of Liquid Nitrogen

storyimages_1297116918_cuisine_640x795_310x220Everyone thought futuristic meals would be in pill form. Turns out, liquid nitrogen burgers and ultrasound fries are the way of the future. AlterNet reports:

The gastronomic world is readying for a futurist revolution with the hotly anticipated release of Nathan Myhrvold’s . An innovative exploration of how science and food interact, the 2,438-page, six-volume tome is causing a major stir.

Top Asian cuisine chef and restaurateur David Chang has called the bible of futuristic culinary art, which has recipes for cheeseburgers made with liquid nitrogen, french fries fried in ultrasound and pea soup prepared in a centrifuge, “the cookbook to end all cookbooks”.

Along with the headline-grabbing recipes, Myhrvold, a 51-year-old scientist and millionaire inventor also seems to have created – along with his Seattle-based Cooking Lab – what could be the definitive practical study of what humans eat.

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