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Abusive, Camera-Phobic Mall Cop Picks Fight With Wrong Woman

Via Information Liberation:

Depending on what side of fallacious authority you may have found yourself in the past, this video may either make you cheer or collapse in disgust. Maybe both? A group of people taking pictures on the very edge of mall property – pictures not of the mall, mind you – is confronted by a wildly out of control mall security guard. The guard demands that they leave because she says they’re not respecting mall rules. Reasonably enough, cameras turn toward her.

At this point, she actually tries to confiscate the cameras and then tells them to delete their footage. After that fails, the cop says she’ll make every single one of them leave one by one, and then puts her hands on a woman in the group. Things get real pretty quick. It looks to me like the woman knows some Jiu-Jitsu. I think I see a takedown, followed by a half-guard, transition to mount, ground and pound, an over-the-shoulder arm bar and hastily-applied guillotine but perhaps one of the more experienced BJJ practitioners here might know otherwise.… Read the rest

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