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Harmless Kitsch? Repulsive Misogyny? Allen Jones’ S&M Furniture

Picture: Juxtapoz (C)

Check out this cringe-inducing (or chuckle-inducing, YMMV) collection of furniture made of female mannequins in bondage gear at Juxtapoz. The furniture was the work of British pop artist Allen Jones.

You may know Jones’ work from Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. The sculptor’s work decorated the interior of the Korova Milkbar.

Jones’ work was recently explored in a short documentary titled Allen Jones: Women and Men, of which you can view three or so minutes here:

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Cynthia, The First Artificial-Human Celebrity

proxyHow To Be A Retronaut has an amazing collection of photos of “Cynthia of Saks Fifth Avenue”, an eerily prescient, analog version of the computer-created pop personalities which have begun to emerge today:

‘In 1932, artist Lester Gaba created a mannequin known as Cynthia for Saks Fifth Avenue. Cynthia had realistic imperfections like freckles and pigeon toes. Cartier and Tiffany sent her jewelry, Lilly Daché designed hats for her, and couturiers sent her their latest fashions, furrieries sent minks. She was given a credit card from Saks Fifth Avenue, a box seat subscription to the Metropolitan Opera House and made the cover of Life Magazine.

Cynthia had her own newspaper column, and a successful radio show. She went to Hollywood to appear in Artist And Models Abroad with Jack Benny, in 1938 and was photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt.

‘Cynthia met her demise when she slipped from a chair in a beauty salon and shattered.

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