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Southern Poverty Law Center Takes Aim at Men’s Rights Websites

He-Man Woman Haters ClubChuck Rudd writes at the Good Men Project:

The Southern Poverty Law Center—a non-profit civil rights organization that made its bones going after the likes of the KKK and neo-Nazis—has turned its cannons on my virtual homeland:  The Manosphere.  The SPLC, created in 1971 by civil rights activist Morris Dees, publishes a quarterly “Intelligence Report” covering the latest movements and trends among so-called extremists and hate groups.  This quarter’s issue features no less than three articles covering the Manosphere.

First, what is the SPLC’s stated purpose?

The Southern Poverty Law Center monitors hate groups and extremists throughout the United States and exposes their activities to law enforcement agencies, the media and the public. We’ve crippled some of the country’s most notorious hate groups by suing them for murders and other violent acts committed by their members.

To expose the rampant hatred and seething violence of the Manosphere, the group’s lengthiest piece mentions a handful of high-profile cases of men committing acts of violence against women.

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