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Pale Emperor In The Mirror

First, a confession. I feel uncomfortable reviewing Marilyn Manson’s “The Pale Emperor.” I mean, I’m thirty six, for christ’s sake. Haven’t we outgrown the shock rocker of the 90s, and the androgynous king of self indulgence that followed in the 00s, finally bottoming out in almost overnight, Robert Smithesque debauch that spurned on memes like:

Well. Haven’t we all outgrown it?

I think that’s precisely the point. You get the sense throughout this album of a kind of dawning, bleary eyed sobriety. The album gets more raw as it goes. Seven days? Imagine waking up from a twenty year long binge. And your alter ego once took control of the airwaves, it took over your personal life, and only when that was smoking wreckage did you manage to take a look backward and see the alter ego staring back at you. And on the other hand is the ever immanent grave.… Read the rest

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This Is What Marilyn Manson Is Doing Now

Remember Marilyn Manson’s speech at the legendary disinfo.con? Seems like a long time ago that Manson, nee Brian Warner, was a hero of the counterculture, right? Melena Ryzik caught up with him to see what he’s doing now, for the New York Times:

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — “We’re drinking wodka,” Marilyn Manson said, pronouncing the word like he was a fur-hatted Russian cartoon character, and filling a tumbler. Two tumblers: Like any peacocking musician, he knew that a drinking buddy makes for a ready audience.

Marilyn Manson f9005967.jpg

Photo: Rama (CC)

He loped from the peach-colored kitchen of a borrowed house here — it belongs to his pal Johnny Depp — through the dining room, past a bin of masks and costumes. There was a horse, a longhaired woman, silver faceplates. “This is my Max Ernst stuff; it’s private,” he said. “I get drunk and buy stuff on Amazon.”

Onward to the living room, where he paused to show off a 1927 theremin, then settled into a velvet sofa, clutching his drink with black-polished fingers.

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Solipsistic Nation:Tim Sköld, Ogre, Karsh Kale and Hoodoo Engine

HecateMListen to the interview now! (download/direct link) from Solipsistic Nation featuring an interview with a crazy lineup:

In the last couple of weeks I learned that Karsh Kale, Tim Sköld, Ogre and HoodooEngine had released or were about to release new albums. I dig them all so I do what I do sent out the emails and made the phone calls. There were other musicians, labels and festivals I wanted to feature on the show as well but they didn’t happen due to availability and time constraints and before I knew it, this week’s show had been distilled into a gem of greatness.

I discovered Karsh Kale right about the same time I discovered the Asian Massive (or Asian Underground) scene. Over the years I watched the careers of Karsh Kale, Asian Dub Foundation and others grow over the years and it’s a wonder that I haven’t had someone like Karsh on the show earlier.

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