Facebook wants to be the place where you feel most yourself, with the most control over how you are regarded. It inextricably intertwines marketing with selfhood, so that having a self becomes…

Rachel Maddow compares Sarah Palin’s media portrayal to a similar strategy that Putin is known to use. From images of her running in pristine Alaska to her successful hunting kills, Palin’s media image isn’t too far off from Putin horseback riding shirtless. Maddow continues to question whether these tactics facilitate the same reactions from Americans as Putin receives from Russians. FromThe Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC:

“In the early 1900s, radium was more valuable than gold and platinum. As such, the term “Radium” was incorporated into the brand names of any number of products even when these products…

I recently had a chance to attend a showing of the documentary The Economics of Happiness. It has a very strong message about the fiscal and social problems of globalization, especially its impact beyond the western world. As a solution, the film suggests a movement towards focusing on communities and localization. Here’s the trailer and a plot synopsis:

Economic globalization has led to a massive expansion in the scale and power of big business and banking. It has also worsened nearly every problem we face: fundamentalism and ethnic conflict; climate chaos and species extinction; financial instability and unemployment. There are personal costs too. For the majority of people on the planet, life is becoming increasingly stressful. We have less time for friends and family and we face mounting pressures at work.

Ripping a move from the playbook of German auto manufacturers Volkswagen (the Beetle) and BMW (the Mini), the new owner of early home computer staple the Commodore 64 is revamping the brand but…

Proving that a good conspiracy theory is as American as apple pie, Korean carmaker Hyundai is spending a fortune on advertising its compact cars during the Superbowl. Here’s the script and video from their site at

Mass Deprogramming

This Sunday, will conduct a Mass Deprogramming of unprecedented scale. With more than 100 million U.S. viewers simultaneously watching the same game, it is the perfect chance to help people all over the country snap out of their stupor and see the truth about compact cars.

The Deprogramming will take place during the third quarter, following a halftime littered with more car propaganda (advertisements) than ever before. In only 30 seconds, it could erase the 30 years of conditioning Americans have been subjected to, and open their eyes to what a compact car truly can be.