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5 Year-Old Syrian Boy Gets Engaged To 3 Year-Old Girl

05_Flatbed_WEB - OCTOBERWhile vacationing with his family, young Khalid met Hala and immediately fell in love. After returning home, the distance between him and his new love threw him into a depression. That is, until he reunited with Hala and popped the big question. This sounds like a love story that Lifetime would make a movie about, but the big twist is that Khalid is still in nursery school! From CBS News:

Two Syrian children may be the youngest couple ever to get engaged.

Khalid, 5, popped the question to Hala, who’s just 3, “of his own free will,” following a whirlwind holiday romance.

The families of both children are not only taking the betrothal seriously, they insist the school children are in love and are already planning a wedding for 10 years down the road — when Khalid will be 15 and Hala 12.

The parents arranged the engagement ceremony in their home town of Homs, about 100 miles north of Damascus.

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I Should Have Read My Islamic Marriage Contract

Why didn’t I? Why don’t a lot of Muslim women? By Ayesha Nair, writing in Slate:

I have two master’s degrees from Columbia, keep the h silent in haute couture (you’d be surprised at how few Pakistanis like me do so), and know to scour the fine print before I sign anything. But I scrawled my signature on the most important contract of my life without reading a word. And, as I later found out, many of my also well-educated female friends did the same. Why do Pakistani women agree to marriage contracts without scrutinizing them first and making sure they won’t be sorry later?

For my nikah, or official marriage ceremony, in March 2008, I chose a majestic monument in Lahore, aptly known as the Badshahi or the King’s mosque. It was 8 a.m., and the spring sun was strong as I sat decked out in a heavily embellished duputta (long head veil).

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Man Injects Sleeping Wife With HIV

New Zealand’s Sunday Star Times carries the most disturbing personal tragedy I’ve read about in a very long time:

An HIV-positive man injected his wife with his own blood while she slept, infecting her with the virus that causes Aids.

It is believed the man wanted to give her the disease so she would start having sex with him again. She told police he also hoped it would prevent her from finding another man and leaving him.

The man, 35, admitted infecting his wife, in the first case of its kind in New Zealand. In other cases, HIV-positive people have infected others through unprotected sex.

The man has been remanded in prison awaiting sentence for wilfully infecting another with a disease, an offence that carries a maximum 14 years’ imprisonment. The pair cannot be identified.

In court documents, the woman, 33, described how her husband twice pricked her with a sewing needle laced with his infected blood as she slept and how she once caught him handling a syringe full of his blood.

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The States of Marriage and Divorce

The veritable Pew Research people have published a fascinating new study showing, among other things, that:
In Arkansas and Oklahoma, men and women marry young -- half of first-time brides in these states were 24 or younger on their wedding day. These states also have above-average shares of women who divorced in 2007-2008.1 It's the opposite state of affairs in Massachusetts and New York. Their residents marry late -- half of ever-married New York men were older than 30 when they first wed. These states also have below-average shares of men and women who divorced in 2007-2008.
The most interesting parts of the study are the maps, though:
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