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The Strange Case of America’s First and Oldest ‘Sea Serpent’


PIC: The Gloucester Sea Serpent, as spotted off Cape Ann, MA. (PD)

When does a credible witness become incredible? When does a “monster” become science? These, among other questions, are considered in EsoterX’s history of Scoliophis Atlanticus, a supposed sea serpent apparently sighted in the Massachusetts Bay by Native Americans, European settlers, and their descendents for over two hundred years. The piece is well written and researched; a perfect choice for readers looking for a little diversion on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Via EsoterX:

The process of unmaking monsters is often as illuminating as the process of making them.  Not debunking them, rather historically revising them, for certainly a “hoax is a hoax, of course, of course” and humans are indeed predisposed to regard the unfamiliar with horror (evolutionarily important, since before we figured out that rocks were good for hitting things over the head with, it was a good bet that the unfamiliar was distinctly interested in eating you), rather I’m speaking of the steady and inexorable reinterpretation of phenomena into noumena (that which is known without the use of senses) over time.

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ACLU Lawsuit Uncovers Records of Boston Police Department’s Intel Efforts Against Peace Orgs

Via CopBlock: Says the Massachusetts ACLU:
We now have proof of what peace groups and activists have long suspected: Boston Police officers have worked within the local fusion spying center, the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC), to monitor the lawful political activity of local peace groups and track their movements and beliefs. This information has been retained in searchable electronic "intelligence" reports bearing labels such as "Groups - Civil Disturbance," "Groups--Extremists," "HomeSec-Domestic" under the heading "Criminal Act."
Looks like those "fusion centers" are indeed the hotbeds of misinformation and civil rights suppression that most of us - including the Senate - assumed that they were. Read a complete rundown of what the ACLU discovered here.
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Thirty-Five Years of (T)error: Revisiting the Dover Demon

Image credit Bill Bartlett

Via Cryptomundo:

Blogger Tony Morrill has written a comprehensive overview of the Massachusetts cryptid known only as the “Dover Demon”. The first sighting of the pallid, melon-shaped humanoid creature took place in 1977, and although there haven’t been any recent reported sightings, it remains a popular topic of debate – at least among some people:

“It was not a dog or a cat. It had no tail. It had an egg-shaped head. It looked like a baby’s body with long arms and legs. It had a big head about the same size as the body, it was sort of melon shaped. The color of it was… the color of people in the Sunday comics.”

I can’t help but to notice that the description sounds very similar to the “Grey aliens” that UFO abductees describe from time to time. That being said, some people think that it might have been a young moose.… Read the rest

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Pirate Party Approved In Massachusetts

The United States Pirate Party was formed in 2006, but Massachusetts has become the first state to officially recognize Pirate Party members in voter registry. The Raw Story reports:
The Massachusetts Election Division has approved the Massachusetts Pirate Party as a political designation, allowing voters in the state to register as a "Pirate." The party strives to increase government transparency, promote personal privacy, reinforce the spread of knowledge through copyright reform, and abolish patents. "We live in a country founded on the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," the Massachusetts Pirate Party said in a statement. "For many people, those ideals are not real. The Supreme Court and Congress have expanded the power of corporations and made them more powerful than people. Increasingly government officials ignore open meeting laws, make deals favorable to corporations behind closed doors and sell off our public information to private interests."
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