An interesting article from Plus Magazine on the mathematics of geometric hallucinations (think swirling patterns) and what it says about the brain: Think drug-induced hallucinations, and the whirly, spirally, tunnel-vision-like patterns of…

Tom Henderson explains his philosophy of punk rock mathematics. Via Technoccult: 1) People use the average Joe’s poor mathematics as a way to control, exploit, and numerically fuck him over. 2) Mathematics…

Frank Carnevale writes on

A student used the Drake Equation, used to calculate chances of alien life, to prove why he was single. Peter Backus, a native of Seattle and PhD candidate in the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick, near London, took on his own dating woes in “Why I don’t have a girlfriend: An application of the Drake Equation to love in the UK.”

In describing the paper online, he wrote “the results are not encouraging”, MyFox reports. “The probability of finding love in the UK is only about 100 times better than the probability of finding intelligent life in our galaxy.”

Mr Backus, 30, found that of the 30 million women in the UK, only 26 would be suitable girlfriends for him, according to Click Liverpool.