Media Circus

So what I was joking about in my previous post about these Tiger Woods CGI re-enactment videos may actually take hold for our news to come. Now wondering just how long it will take video-game style reporting to make its way out of the tabloid sphere into the “serious” newsroom.

This media innovation is brought to you by a Taiwanese news organization, Apple Daily. Here is their latest Tiger Woods-related video (and not-so-good English translation):

The world’s no.1 golfer Tiger Woods’ last Friday’s car accident has major development. After 24 year-old cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs told a US magazine about their sexual relationship, Woods release a statement within 24 hours, saying he has “regret these transgressions” and “have not been true to the behavior his family deserves.” Although not directly addressing it, their affiar possible discovery by his wife is apparent.

Yes, I know this is tabloid news, but what if if the American Nightly News networks and their anchors (I’m looking at you Brian Williams, Katie Couric, and whoever is on ABC right now) employed the video game graphics, they might still have an audience…?)

We all read our news on the Internet now, I realize: