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Quran Burning Story: This Is How The Media Embarrass Themselves

Jason Linkins writes on Huffington Post:
Terry Jones

[Thursday] afternoon, the leader of a microscopic cult of idiots who announced plans to stage an “international” day of Quran burning in Gainesville, Florida held a press conference, for a rapt media which decided that his moronic plans were the single most important thing going on in America. At that press conference, in front of “9/11 Truther” signs, this cult leader lied to everyone who was watching, telling them that he was going to call off his 9/11 book burning festival because he had successfully reached a deal with the people behind the Park51 community center in Lower Manhattan, in which they would move their facility away from the site of the World Trade Center.

Not a word of this was true, but it was amazing, all the same — at one fell swoop, we had finally knit up the strands of a season of irrationality into one big, shiny, synergized knot.

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The Daily Show on Obama’s “Wisdom” in the “Ground Zero Mosque” Media Circus

Jon Stewart is a Stormtrooper "Yes we can ... but should we?" — Jon Stewart Politics is often defined as the "art of the possible." However it should also be defined as "you can't please all the people all the time." Especially the ones being idiots on the "ground zero mosque" media shitstorm. Thankfully The Daily Show's Jon Stewart (who recently George Lucas made a Stormtrooper) is on the money again about President Obama's mixed public comments regarding this non-story. I could not complete this post without mentioning the great Jon Oliver's commentary: "There is a difference, Jon, between what you can do and what you should do. You can build a Catholic Church next to a playground. Should you?"
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Juggalos, Media Scares, and the West Memphis 3

Klint Finley writes on Mediapunk:
Insane Clown Posse

It’s difficult to estimate the total number of Juggalos. The 2009 Gathering of Juggalos had 20,000 people in attendence. The most recent ICP album sold about 50,000 copies in the first week. But let’s be conservative and go with the 20,000 estimate. (I actually suspect it’s much higher than this.)

Nightline cites only 3 instances of reported Juggalos actually murdering anyone. To be charitable, let’s assume there are 10 people who are both Juggalos and murderers.

That would mean AT MOST .05% of Juggalos are murderers. Granted that’s a significantly higher percentage than the US population at large (there were 16,272 murders in 2008 and the US had a population of about 305 million). But less than 1%, at most, isn’t exactly cause for alarm. And I would think Arizona’s finest would be better served by realizing that 99.94 percent of murders are committed by non-Juggalos and adjusting their law enforcement priorities accordingly.

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British Election Results in Hung Parliament, First Since 1974

What’s the deal here, was the first-ever televised debate to blame for a lack of a majority? Simon Veazey writes in the Epoch Times:
UK Election

The British election has resulted in a hung parliament, with the Conservative Party gaining the most seats but falling short of the overall majority that would automatically grant them governance.

The apparent meteoric rise of Nick Clegg failed dismally to translate from the opinion polls to the ballot box, with his Liberal Democrat Party increasing its share of the vote by only one per cent, and most likely losing seats.

The election results have not been all declared, with 24 constituencies still to announce results at present. At present the Conservative seat count stands at 299, Labour at 255, and Lib Dems at 54.

However, it is clear from the results that the Conservative Party cannot win the majority needed to automatically claim the right to form a government.

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Sen. Lieberman Proposes Stripping Terrorists of American Citizenship

Threat Chart

Chart: www.lurkertech.com/threat-chart (CC)

Stephanie Condon writes on CBS News:

As some Republicans in Congress continue to criticize the administration for its decision to read Miranda rights to alleged attempted terorrist Faisal Shahzad, independent Sen. Joe Lieberman is proposing a plan to avoid reading those rights to suspects like Shahzad.

The Connecticut senator, who typically votes with Democrats but is hawkish on national security issues, wants to see a new law that would strip people like Shahzad of their citizenship and, subsequently, their Miranda rights.

Lieberman is planning to introduce a bill that would allow the government to revoke the citizenship of an American who joins a foreign terrorist organization, the Hill reports. The proposed legislation would amend current law that strips a person’s citizenship if they fight with a foreign army.

“I think it’s time for us to look at whether we want to amend that law to apply it to American citizens who choose to become affiliated with foreign terrorist organizations, whether they should not also be deprived automatically of their citizenship and therefore be deprived of rights that come with that citizenship when they are apprehended and charged with a terrorist act,” Lieberman, head of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said on Fox News.

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Secret Army Spy Plane May Have Snooped on Times Square Bomber

Really interesting article from Noah Shachtman in Wired:
Space Cops

Investigators were able to track wannabe terrorist Faisal Shahzad through his anonymous, pre-paid cell phone — exactly how, they won’t say. But there was a tantalizing explanation posted — and then quickly yanked — from the website of WCBS TV. “In the end, it was secret Army intelligence planes that did him in. Armed with his cell phone number, they circled the skies over the New York area, intercepting a call to Emirates Airlines reservations, before scrambling to catch him at John F. Kennedy International Airport.”

Jeremy Scahill, relying on a source in U.S. Special Operations, says those planes were likely RC-12s, equipped with a Guardrail Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) system. The planes are designed to pluck all kinds of communications from the air. But from the ground, they could easily be mistaken for an executive aircraft. The RC-12 is based on the Hawker-Beechcraft King Air B200 suit-carrier.

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Times Square Bomb: The Right’s Nuttiest Theory

Was the recent incident in Times Square an attempt to demonize the labor and environmental movements?  Mother Jones reports:

from T.L. Miles at Wikimedia Commons

Photo: T.L. Miles (CC)

This much we know: A US citizen born in Pakistan has been arrested for allegedly parking a Nissan Pathfinder in Times Square Saturday night, loaded with fertilizer that doesn’t combust, a kid’s alarm clock that likely didn’t tick, several gallons of gas, some propane tanks, and a few M80 firecrackers.

Attorney General Eric Holder has released a statement saying Shahzad was “taken into custody at JFK Airport in New York as he attempted to board a flight to Dubai.” There’s a lot we have yet to learn about what this news means, but it probably rules out one favorite conservative theory about the attempted bombing — that left-wing protesters took advantage of May Day (aka International Workers’ Day) to make a big bang in New York’s neon-soaked seat of capitalism.

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‘Dr. Death’ Jack Kevorkian: “Medicine Is Controlled By Religion” (Video)

Here's doctor and right-to-die activist Jack Kevorkian speaking with Fox News' Neil Cavuto about the recent HBO film, You Don't Know Jack. This film is a biopic of the good doctor's infamous career later in life: those actions that landed him in prison and the media circus that revolved around him. Kevorkian candidly expresses his views on Fox News and his opinion of this film:
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Invalid Warrant Used in Raid on Gizmodo ‘Missing iPhone’ Reporter Jason Chen

The plot thickens. This isn’t looking like a publicity stunt by Apple anymore unless Steve Jobs has cops on his payroll. Beware the Power of Jobs! Kim Zetter writes on WIRED’s Threat Level:
New iPhone?

Police raided the house of an editor for Gizmodo on Friday and seized computers and other equipment. The raid was part of an investigation into the leak of a prototype iPhone that the site obtained for a blockbuster story last week. Now, a legal expert has raised questions about the legality of the warrant used in the raid.

On Friday, officers from California’s Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team in San Mateo, California, appeared at the home of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen while he was not there and broke open the front door.

Chen and his wife discovered the officers when they returned from dinner around 9:45 that evening. According to an account he posted online, Chen noticed his garage door was partly open, and when he tried to open it completely, officers came out and told him they had a warrant to search the premises.

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Which Veggie Burgers Were Made With a Neurotoxin?

This story has raised a lot of controversy last week on the internets … here’s a post on it from Kiera Butler in Mother Jones:
Veggie Burger

UPDATE: Veggie burger rumors are flying! Some readers and other news organizations have alleged that the study I wrote about was funded by the pro-meat, anti-soy group the Weston A. Price Foundation.

But this morning, I spoke with Cornucopia Institute director Mark Kastel, who said that the Weston A. Price Foundation did not contribute any funding to the “Behind the Bean” (pdf) study. More here.


[Last] Monday, I wrote about a recent study by the Cornucopia Institute that found that many popular veggie burgers are made with hexane, an EPA-registered air pollutant and a neurotoxin. Commenters had lots of interesting discussions and good questions, many of which require far more knowledge of the subject than I have to answer. So I called up Charlotte Vallaeys, the lead researcher on the Cornucopia Institute’s soy study “Behind the Bean” (pdf) to talk about some of the issues readers have raised.

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