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Let’s Not Deny The Evidence That Australia Has A Problem With Racism

[disinformation® editor’s note: The author is not a native English speaker; we have chosen to leave the article largely “as is” so please bear with his grammatical errors. Please also note that the views expressed are those of the author alone and The Disinformation Company does not necessarily agree with or endorse those views.]

Australia will not win the respect of the world by being defensive on the issue of racism as and when it arise. The issue of racism is not going to go away simply because our politicians (Cream, Gillard, Rudd), police chief (Simon Overland) denied its existence.

Indian government and media have every right to feel angry with what had happened to their fee paying students in Australia. The frequency of attacks and verbal abuses against Indian citizens in Australia is at an intolerable high level. We can only find out the actual figure through the police department.… Read the rest

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Evidence of Australia Media Fuelling Racism against Minorities

[disinformation editor’s note: the author’s native language is not English and he makes numerous spelling and grammar errors. We chose to publish the article notwithstanding this and hope that readers will value the author’s opinions nonetheless.]

Racism exist more or less in most societies including Australia. As a minority living, studying and working in this lovely country over a period of almost 20 years (1986—1989, then 1994 till now), I believe that I am qualify to claim that vase majority of the Australian people are good people despite incidents of racist attacks or racist policies throughout the history – past and present.

Only a small number of the population are true racists. And among these small group of ‘racists’, my observation is that, many have been mislead by their media and right wing politicians about other cultures. Once you greeted them with a smile, initiate conversation, follow by a few more contacts, the hostility will eventually disappear.… Read the rest

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