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Grimerica Talks Sacred Geometry with Randall Carlson

Midwest_Real_2_Grimerica_CoverVia Grimerica.com:
Randall Carlson of Sacred Geometry International is in Grimerica and will proceed to blow your mind wide open. Randall is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar. He has 4 decades of study, research and exploration into the interface between ancient mysteries and modern science, has been an active Freemason for 30 years and is Past Master of one of the oldest and largest Masonic lodges in Georgia. Darren and Graham chat with Randall about the connection between platonic solids, time, our solar system and ancient megalithic structures.

They talk about the drastic changes this ball of mud rotating through space has gone through in just the last 12,000 years alone and they speculate on how old and modern our ancient man may have been. Randall has made a truly eye opening and fascinating 4 hour dvd illustrating the Cosmic Patterns and Cycles of Catastrophe.… Read the rest

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Winter Solstice: Standing With Stones

Callanish6PCRupert Soskin is the writer and presenter of the documentary travelogue Standing With Stones: A Journey Through Megalithic Britain. He lectures and leads groups to ancient sites and natural wonders in Britain and abroad. He is also a much-published nature and travel photographer.

Once again the winter solstice has come around. That magical time when the sun begins to rise again, giving us longer days and taking us into warmer days of plenty. People flock to sites such as Stonehenge and Newgrange to witness the rising or the setting of the sun. Modern-day druids hold ceremonies at these and other ancient monuments, continuing ancient traditions which began so long ago in human history for their origins to be lost in the mists of time.

For many thousands of years man has celebrated this celestial cycle of ebb and flow, seeking to live in harmony with the constant effects of the heavens upon the earth.… Read the rest

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