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Drug Warriors Score a Major Victory, Los Zetas Celebrate

Picture: US CFR (PD)

Fox News Latino is reporting the capture of Gulf Cartel boss David Rosales Guzman:

Rosales Guzman was arrested in the Colonia Independiente neighborhood of the city of Guadalupe after officers spotted him in an SUV and he was unable to give them the slip.
The suspect was arrested in the course of an investigation into the recent series of murders and attacks in Monterrey, the secretariat said.
Rosales Guzman was carrying drugs at the time of his arrest, the Public Safety Secretariat said.

The Latin American Herald Tribune has a picture of Rosales looking very unhappy with a couple of Federale TechnoNinjas here.

Of course, taking down a member of the Gulf Cartel is no longer the coup that it once would have been. Over the last decade, the Gulf Cartel’s former attack dogs, the ferocious paramilitary organization composed primarily of soldiers who were trained in Mexico’s elite special forces or Guatemala’s infamous death squads, have completely broken their leash and taken over most of their former masters’ territory along the Gulf and up into the vast Yucatan marijuana fields of Oaxaca.… Read the rest

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Closing the Book on the Tijuana Cartel

Picture: Diego Fernandez (PD)

The Arellano-Felix phase of the Tijuana cartel may be about to begin it’s last chapter. USA today reports that the last brother of the notorious drug gang has now been extradited to the United States by Mexico.

Mexico has extradited the last brother of the Arellano-Felix cartel to San Diego, ending a 20-year investigation of the notorious drug gang, the Justice Department says.

Eduardo Arellano-Felix, 55, was sent to San Diego to face charges of racketeering, money laundering and narcotics trafficking. He is due in Federal court September 4, the Justice Department’s news release says.

At one time the Arellano Felix brothers were the major power in Tijuana near the San Diego border. The Tijuana cartel is a faction that was formerly a part of Miguel Gallardo’s Guadalajara cartel alongside Chapo Guzman, current leader of the Sinaloa cartel. After Gallardo’s extradition to the United States to serve the rest of his life sentence in the Federal Super Maximum Security Penitentiary in Colorado, The Guadalajara cartel splintered into the Tijuana group who controlled narco traffick along the California border up and into San Diego while the Sinaloa Federation took control of the large opium and marijuana production operations in Sinaloa state, as well as much of the trafficking business in Colombian cocaine produced and sold at wholesale prices by the various Bogota operations that sprang up after the 1993 death of Pablo Escobar and the disintegration of the Medellin cartel into warring factions.… Read the rest

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War Games II: Mexican Drug War Edition

Picture: 'Alex07' (CC)

Agence-France Press has an interesting story on the high tech nerve center of Mexico’s effort against the paramilitary drug cartels operating within its borders:

One large regional map showed yellow dots representing small planes that flew from Colombia, the world’s main cocaine producer, to Honduras, which has become a hub for drugs smuggled to the United States.

Officials even get real-time videos beamed by drones – the same type of pilotless spy aircraft used by the US military in Afghanistan.

Thousands of camera feeds from the streets of Mexico City and other towns across the nation are relayed to the bunker.

On one screen, cars and trucks are seen going through an X-ray machine looking for concealed drugs or migrants in Ciudad Juarez, the city at the US border considered the epicenter of the violence.

Some 500 million files, including police reports, rap sheets and vehicle registrations are stored in rows of computer servers on the bottom floor.

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Just Like in Scarface, Now With 100% More Murderous Catholic Death Cultists and Automatic Weapons For Kids Under 12

Picture: "My" (PD)

As the Mexican Drug War rages on, one of the more bizarre developments is the apparent elevation to folk sainthood of Nozario Moreno. Moreno, leader of now defunct Michoacán cartel La Familia, was gunned down by Mexican Federales in the winter of 2010 after a meteoric ascension to El Narco infamy that was equal parts Tony Montana, Padre Pio, and Jason Voorhees. Little noticed as yet north of the border, the Caballeros Templarios, or Knights Templar, remain a small player in the ongoing drug war compared to the larger cartels. But they do seem to read a fair amount of their own press, even going so far as to call for a truce during Pope Benedict’s visit in the Spring of 2012, and an offer to President Calderón’s government to give up on narcotrafficking if Calderón would commit to taking better care of the Caballeros’s home state of Michoacán.… Read the rest

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