Michael Moore

In a clip from his short-lived but oft intriguing Awful Truth program, Michael Moore takes to the streets of Giuliani-era New York City and paints residents’ wallets, keys, and snack foods day-glo orange in the hope of stemming the tide of ‘self defense’ police shootings of people holding everyday objects. More relevant than ever in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin killing:

In retrospect, it’s taken progressive celebrity Michael Moore an awfully long time to insert himself into the political shenanigans taking place in Wisconsin, but now that the millionaire moviemaker has found the time to reach Madison, he’s making himself heard amidst all the union-busting noise, as reported by the Wisconsin State Journal:

Protesters in Madison have “aroused a sleeping giant” in the national fight for workers’ rights, filmmaker Michael Moore told thousands at the Capitol Square on Saturday, as rallies opposing Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposals wrapped up their third week.

“Right now the Earth is shaking and the ground is shifting under the feet of those who are in charge,” said Moore…

Michael Moore maybe is a blowhard, but he’s alright with me if he can make Wolf Blitzer look like this much of a douche. Mike went on Blitzer’s show to discuss his new Wall Street documentary Capitalism: A Love Story and the grey-haired host went for the jugular, accusing Moore of being a socialist and a hypocrite (for acting concerned about the fate of poor people, despite not being poor himself). Watch Moore rip him to shreds.