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Has Miley Cyrus seen the fnords?

If you’ve ever wandered down that peculiar rabbit hole on the internet that revolves around the various Illuminati-specific conspiracy theories, you’ve likely seen some bizarre shit, some of it migraine inducing.

Every music video is a snarky thumb in our eye from our secret masters, The Illuminati, and every celebrity pop tart in leopard print is a mind-controlled sex slave thanks to our friends in the MK-Ultra (and its sexier cousin MK-Naomi, which is so secret it doesn’t even have a Wikpedia entry) Program.

Fun Fact: Not everyone in animal print is a zombie sex slave (I can hear the disappointed sighing, so zip it). Some people just have bad taste in clothes.

The Transhuman agenda runs amok in the healthcare system and rappers, somehow, are the only ones in the know other than Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. And Taylor Swift.

And now, apparently, Miley Cyrus has been Illuminated- or is she part of an even weirder conspiracy for the control of your mind?… Read the rest

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