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Occupy Minneapolis Forms Human Chain To Defend Foreclosed Home, Police Retreat

Shocking police confrontations with the Occupy movement are not limited to the coasts, don't ya know. Protesters in Minneapolis challenged the police directly to protect a woman's home and won:
November 19th, 2011: Following two arrests and an incident in which a police officer tried to run down an occupier with a squad car, Occupy Minneapolis formed a human chain around Sa'ra Kaiser's foreclosed home, preventing the officers from boarding it up, and ultimately forcing the police - who had no legitimate legal pretense for preventing occupiers from being there in the first place - to give up and leave.
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Minneapolis Pays Zombies To Settle Undead Lawsuit

I always expected zombie attacks to be deadly, not informative. These Twin Cities zombies roamed the streets making a statement about the physical aspect of interaction that has been lost with the digital age and the culture of consumerism. Not only did their statement get heard, they profited from it too. Star Tribune reports:

The Minneapolis city attorney’s office has decided to pay seven zombies and their attorney $165,000.

The payout, approved by the City Council on Friday, settles a federal lawsuit the seven filed after they were arrested and jailed for two days for dressing up like zombies in downtown Minneapolis on July 22, 2006, to protest “mindless” consumerism.

When arrested at the intersection of Hennepin Avenue and 6th Street N., most of them had thick white powder and fake blood on their faces and dark makeup around their eyes. They were walking in a stiff, lurching fashion and carrying four bags of sound equipment to amplify music from an iPod when they were arrested by police who said they were carrying equipment that simulated “weapons of mass destruction.”

However, they were never charged with any crime.

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