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Profiled By The TSA? There’s An App For That

fly_rightsTasmin Shamma for NPR:

More than a decade after 9/11, heightened security at U.S. airports has become routine, yet some religious and minority groups say they’re unfairly singled out for even more screening. Well, now there’s an app for that.

The mobile app is called FlyRights. Travelers who suspect they have been profiled take out their smartphone, tap a finger on the app and answer about a dozen questions. Then they hit “submit” and an official complaint is filed immediately with the Transportation Security Administration.

The app is the work of civil rights groups led by The Sikh Coalition. Amardeep Singh, co-founder of the Coalition, says the idea came from Sikh entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley who felt they were being stopped unfairly at airports, too often.

“They literally said to one of our staff members, ‘There should be an app for that’,” Amardeep said. “We thought, great idea, let’s start working on it.”

The app has already been tested with the TSA.

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Evidence of Australia Media Fuelling Racism against Minorities

[disinformation editor’s note: the author’s native language is not English and he makes numerous spelling and grammar errors. We chose to publish the article notwithstanding this and hope that readers will value the author’s opinions nonetheless.]

Racism exist more or less in most societies including Australia. As a minority living, studying and working in this lovely country over a period of almost 20 years (1986—1989, then 1994 till now), I believe that I am qualify to claim that vase majority of the Australian people are good people despite incidents of racist attacks or racist policies throughout the history – past and present.

Only a small number of the population are true racists. And among these small group of ‘racists’, my observation is that, many have been mislead by their media and right wing politicians about other cultures. Once you greeted them with a smile, initiate conversation, follow by a few more contacts, the hostility will eventually disappear.… Read the rest

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