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High Five, Jesus! Christ Gives a Big Hand to Nigerian Church

Picture: Michelangelo (PD)

AllAfrica.com reports that a giant hand appeared before the congregation of Glorious Assembly Ministries church in Calabar, Cross River state, Nigeria. The church is also known by the not-at-all apocalyptic, hair-raising name Christ Endtime Military Academy. Whether God’s big ol’ mitt actually appeared at the church is up for debate (to say the least); the credulous tone of the article is not. I’m particularly fond of the bit about people “[insinuating] many things concerning the hand”:

The mysterious hand which appeared on the fourth day of the programme radiated with light and pierced through the ceiling of the church building before young boys who were part of the programme noticed it with amazement.

Though many people have insinuated many things concerning the hand, the General Overseer of the Church, Pastor Timmy Larry described the hand as the hand of Jesus Christ and that a day before the mysterious hand appeared, a lady saw a vision that a mighty hand came from behind and lifted and smashed a man.

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Scholar: Resurrection Of Christ Was An Optical Illusion

article-2121149-000BD5CF00000258-954_468x445Basically, the claim is that Jesus’s rising from the dead circa 2,000 years ago happened much in the same way as his being spotted in potato chips today. The Daily Mail writes:

A sensational new theory about the Turin Shroud claims to destroy the core belief of Christianity – that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

Art historian Thomas de Wesselow is convinced the Shroud is real and did touch Christ’s body. But the Cambridge academic insists that the image on the cloth fooled the Apostles into believing Christ had come back to life, and the Resurrection was in fact an optical illusion.

His theory is that in the mind of a person 2,000 years ago, the image on the Shroud would have been astonishing – far beyond their normal experiences and truly unsettling. ‘They saw the image on the cloth as the living double of Jesus,’ he said. ‘Back then images had a psychological presence, they were seen as part of a separate plain of existence, as having a life of their own.’

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Image Of Virgin Mary Appears At Florida Hamburger Restaurant

virginIf the Virgin Mary really did materialize in this amazing-sounding restaurant, I think I might be open to Christianity. Report from the Tampa Bay Observer:

Now the Virgin Mary’s likeness has popped up on a stainless steel wall inside Hamburger Mary’s, an Ybor City restaurant with customers more likely to show up for gay karaoke nights and celebrity drag-queen shows than religious revelations.

“These two ladies in one of the booths saw the image during Sunday brunch,” said day manager Melanie Todd, who goes by the name Melanie Minyon (pronounced like mignon) when performing in blue wigs and over-the-top sexy gowns at the restaurant’s nighttime drag shows. “One of them was in tears she was so moved, and they were both carrying on and taking pictures.

“Now, we serve all-you-can-drink Bloody Marys for Sunday brunch,” Todd said, “so I think it’s safe to say there are lots of visions being seen around here then.

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