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Former Mithraic Temple in Spain Was Built to Align with the stars

Picture: University Pablo Olavide (C)

Picture: University Pablo Olavide (C)

Researchers have determined that an ancient Spanish tomb was once a temple dedicated to Mithras, and the structure was built to align with the stars.

Via LiveScience:

Some astronomical sleuthing has revealed the cultic past life of a Roman tomb in Spain. Researchers believe the burial site was once used as a Mithraic temple, positioned to line up with the constellations and guide sun through its window during the equinoxes.

The Carmona necropolis in Seville is full of burials from the 1st century B.C. through the 2nd century A.D., including the so-called Elephant’s Tomb, named so for an elephant-shaped statue discovered inside the structure.

Researchers have debated what this structure was used for and archaeologists from the University of Pablo de Olavide in Seville now propose that it served as a place of worship for devotees of Mithraism, a cult that thrived during the Roman Empire.

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