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No, MMA Fighters Do Not ‘Love Staph Infections’



I have no idea how IO9’s Keith Veronese came up with the headline ‘MMA Fighters Love Staph Infections’, but MRSA is also a problem in pro football, pro basketball, pro baseball, and even soccer. I guess ‘Football Players Love Staph Infections’ would be a harder sell, especially considering how sacred the NFL is to many Americans.

My experiences as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu student suggest that if anything, fighters are more aware of the dangers of staph than the public. Staph infections aren’t only potentially deadly, they’re a major loss of training time. No one wants them, and spreading a disease to the people you train with is a great way to be kicked out of a gym. People who neglect their hygiene or carry infections of some sort (these usually go together) find themselves without training partners and are usually shown the door in short order, and any gym that doesn’t clean their mats after use is no place you should be.… Read the rest

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You Have Dormant Primal Powers. This Guy Can Unleash Them.

Via- Midwest Real

“You can blend respectfully and mindfully with your environment as you move. This is a high level of mindfulness requested here. In my opinion, this is a physical manifestation and experience of my spirit… I would even say it’s a spiritual experience of my body.”

Do me a favor- stand up. No problem, right? Now walk around. That’s pretty easy, huh? Next, smash the nearest wad of food into your mouth hole. Isn’t this fun? Ok, sit down, look at the screen, and you’re done! Sound familiar? I know to me it does. I practice that sequence of movements with devoutly religious regularity. I’m going to make a tremendously presumptuous leap and assume that you do the same. Isn’t it sad that the mediocrity of our physical habits is that god damn obvious? Yet, if you’re lucky enough to be a normal-ish, healthy-ish human being you’ve got some serious untapped potential.… Read the rest

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A Peek Into the World of Children’s MMA

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 12.57.34 PM

Picture: Sebastian Montalvo/Polaris (C)

CNN covers the controversial world of children’s cage fighting. What do you think, disinfonauts? Barbaric or an acceptable recreational activity for children? Compare it to children’s karate or wrestling. Compare to the fall of Rome. Consider whether you would let your own children do it, if applicable. Use the space below to comment. You must show your work. Use a number two pencil and close your test booklet when you are done.

By the way, I’ve linked to a copy of the story at MMA Share’s site in order to avoid CNN’s nightmarish slideshow maze, but if you’re interested in navigating the gallery you can click here.

Welcome to Thunderdome, where winners and losers can be as young as age 5.

It’s called kids’ MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, and New York-based photographer Sebastian Montalvo pulls back the curtain on one of the nation’s fastest growing youth sports, which claims more than 3 million boys and girls.

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MMA Fighter With Down Syndrome Garrett Holeve Wants to Get Into the Ring

garrettCombat sports of any sort – particularly mixed martial arts competitions like those organized by the UFC – are controversial. Some consider them barbaric or cruel, or compare the practice to human cockfighting. In most cases, an argument can be made that these fighters are able-minded adults who enter into the ring willingly and are fully capable of making their own decisions, but what if the fighter has a cognitive disability? Twenty-three year-old Garrett “G-Money” Holeve has Down syndrome, but trains in mixed martial arts and loves the sport. He wants to compete, but many people consider it exploitative and potentially too dangerous for someone with Holeve’s condition. Where’s the line between encouraging people with disabilities to pursue their dreams and deciding for them that some of these dreams aren’t appropriate? Would you let Garrett fight, provided he had the requisite skill and physical conditioning? An additional question: I would bet that there are already some fighters out there with cognitive problems, from low IQs or brain damage: Are we not concerned about them?… Read the rest

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Why Biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s Work is So Interesting for Fans of Mixed Martial Arts and Occultists

The sense of being stared at is only one aspect of Dr Sheldrake’s research but it’s the area most obviously relevant to the archetypal image of an occultist. If you really can occasionally ‘feel’ yourself being looked at, as his work appears to suggest, this could reveal something of the long suspected human “telepathic” abilities of ancient legend.

Sheldrake argues our minds actually connect with objects as they percieve them:

“The sense of being stared at works because our minds reach out to touch what we’re looking at and sometimes we can feel that, or animals can feel it, so we can affect what we’re looking at, simply by looking at it. So, there’s something coming out of our eyes, as well as going in.”[1]

Furthermore this might even be a skill you can learn to enhance. Experiments conducted into the phenomena have been altered to include instant feedback for the person being stared at.… Read the rest

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DisinfoCast 44: Eddie Bravo

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Eddie Bravo is well-known in the MMA world as the founder of the 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu style, but there's a lot more to him than just a talented fighter and instructor. He's also a talented musician, comedy writer and podcast host. Eddie joins the podcast to discuss fighting, chemtrails and rock and roll. SOUND QUALITY WARNING: Due to unavoidable circumstances Eddie used a cell phone during this interview. Consequently, the sound quality fluctuates. Every effort has been made to clean up the audio, but it can be difficult listening at times.
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MMA Fighter Matt Horwich talks Multi-Universe and Limitless Potential

MMA Fighter Matt Horwich talks Multi-Universe and limitless potential, artistic free spirits and more. Horwich discusses his training at Kings MMA under Rafael Cordeiro, his recent win streak over seas and wanting to be a super hero. Horwich would like to play Wolverine's brother in a movie and hopes to become an action based actor. Horwich also discusses having to beat up a homeless person over a cheeseburger. Horwich had to go nuts and knock the man out; gaining his first ever KO. Horwich also has been using music and measurements of beats to improve his striking. Horwich also discusses working with Fabricio Werdum is a world filled with limitless potential.
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