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ATTMind Radio EP. 4 – Entheodelic Storytelling With Benton Rooks

Benton Rooks ATTMind Radio ep 4This interview is with Benton Rooks, author of the TRETA-YUGA graphic novel trilogy, writer for Reality Sandwich and Disinfo, and a generally awesome guy. In 2014 he co-coined the term “entheodelic storytelling” with Graham Hancock, shamanic filmmaker/author Rak Razam, and Jeremy D. Johnson, editor of the psychedelic culture section of RS.

We speak about the often-marginalized power of the storytelling narrative in fiction and literature, the role of mythology in contemporary culture, altered states for creativity, and generally what it's like to be a fringe-writer in the modern world.

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Apocalyptic Imaginary: Best of Modern Mythology eBook

best-of_2011-ebook-frontThere is a limited time offer over at Modern Mythology: a free PDF of the 2011 “best of” anthology. It’s available as a direct link on the right sidebar of the site, and doesn’t require your email address (as many “free” eBooks do.)

More about the book:

This book captures and expands upon the unique commentary and analysis that has helped define the Modern Mythology project in 2011. Through the voices of many contributors, we collectively take a hard look at the blurred lines between narrative and truth, philosophy and literature, personal history and cultural memory. All of this is done with an eye towards the imagined apocalypse that is always just around the corner.

It’ll only be up there until the end of June, so nab it now. (Print edition.)

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Extreme Futurist Festival 2012 (XFF)


Are you a Futurist? Are you assured that we are going to burn ourselves out as a species in the next century? Are you an artist set on using these tools we have while we have the time, or an optimist set to create an army of Nanobots (or Nanobats, if you live in Gotham) that will cure cancer?

There is room for all these perspectives and more at this years Extreme Futurist Festival (XFF for short) being held in Los Angeles.

Extreme Immersion!And December 21 and 22 2012! What a time for it. End of the world, man!

This even will feature

  •  Speakers (Randal A. Koene, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Dr. Ben Goertzel, …)
  • Music (Lydia Lunch, Negativland, …)
  • Art (Kevin Mack, Shayna Yates, James Curcio, …)
  • Films (H+ the Digital Series, Surf Now Apocalypse Later, Tragos, …)
  • Vendors (Grindhouse Wetwares, Re/Search Publications, Mythos Media including the recent Words of Traitors and Rachel Haywire’s Acidexia, …)
  • …and, you guessed it, a great deal more.
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The Internet and Counterculture (A Retrospective)

As all the chatter about the “2012 end of the world” dissolves back into the white noise from whence it came, we are still presented a unique vantage point. We can look at once backward and forward on cultural trends, cresting and falling so quickly that in mere decades we can see patterns emerging that may have taken hundreds of years to arise before the advent of digital communication.

Of course, there’s no way a thorough investigation of any trend is going to happen here in the length of an introduction, within the time it takes me to sip my way through a mocha. But that is telling of these times as well. As Palahniuk observed through the mouthpiece of Tyler Durden in his seminal book Fight Club, we are all “single serving size friends, here.” (And is it also a sign of counter cultural mentality that a reference to a book and movie just a decade out of the gates might be considered hackneyed or out of date?) Our observations must also be single serving size, crammed into a 140 character tweet, or a 350 word blog post.… Read the rest

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Living Myths: Escape Into Life

immanenceThe art journal Escape Into Life recently ran the full introduction to an upcoming book, The Immanence of Myth. For my part, it picks up where I left off in Generation Hex (Disinfo). I hope you enjoy:

Myths and legends die hard in America.

We love them for the extra dimension they provide,

the illusion of near-infinite possibility

to erase the narrow confines of most men’s reality. –Hunter S. Thompson

Myth is immanent. Myth is alive.

I know the idea of living myth is kind of hard to swallow at first. We think, and this thought is a myth too, that thoughts cannot be alive. What does it mean for myth to be immanent, let alone alive? What is myth, really? That’s where this book began, and I think that — now that it is being prepared for publication — that it has opened up the floor for the discussion of these ideas, more than having proven any of them, which is as it should be.

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The Sacred Clowns Bring Krampus To Wisconson Protests

The Sacred Clown Union

The Sacred Clown Union

DATELINE: Madison, Wisconsin, USA. February 25

Sacred clowns came down on Wisconsin state capitol. Protesters unwittingly revived an ancient European sacred clown tradition previously thought extinct in North America. KRAMPUS!, also known as the “henchmen of Saint Nick,” were thought to be non-existent in all but a few remote Tyrolian villages, but it seems their population is actually growing “under the radar” in the American midwest spurred on by labor unrest in the face of government corruption there.
And it isn’t even Christmas!

Seems Anonymous might have some company. More on this on the Modern Mythology website.

I also received a missive from their chief organizer, in reaction to criticism that Krampus is generally known for running around, beating children. Here’s a sample:

Some of our clowns definitely take inspiration from Krampus–“the henchmen of Saint Nick” thing you find in the Austrian, German and Swiss Alps.

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