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Blurred Eyeglasses Unveiled To Help Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Avoid Impure Sights

Fascinating — wearing blurry goggles to obscure one’s surroundings as a means of keeping the mind and spirit clear. In a world in which are constantly bombarded with undesired information, perhaps we could all use a pair. The Times of Israel writes:

An ultra-Orthodox organization has developed a range of products to act as a first line of defense against the threat of seeing immodest women, Israeli media reported on Tuesday.

In a change of tactics from previous ultra-Orthodox strategies that in the past have targeted women as the culprits of lasciviousness, the Committee for Purity in the Camp offers a variety of gadgets to limit the field of view and so prevent men from exposure to over-exposed women. The devices have recently gone on sale in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods of Jerusalem and elsewhere.

Two semi-transparent stickers applied to the lenses of the user’s spectacles blur vision of anything beyond the range of a few meters and so diffuse immodestly dressed women to a harmless blot.

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