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DisinfoTV: The Montauk Project

In a sleepy fishing town called Montauk Point, a device called the Montauk Chair was used to focus the energies of a sexually aroused psychic who could create an interdimensional vortex. The goal was to send military operatives back in time to alter key events. This was one of the segments we made for the pilot episode of the disinformation TV series. Although the no-budget production values are evident, the amazing complexity involved in the granddaddy of all conspiracy theories, the Montauk Project, is on full display. It involves mind control, time travel and Nazi gold—and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Taken from DisinfoTV on DVD, available now at: http://bit.ly/V01W7T Subscribe to Disinformation's YouTube channel: http://goo.gl/aHTcz
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Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura- Season Three, Episode #3: Time Travel

In Episode #3 of Season Three of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Jesse and his investigative team examine a conspiracy theory torn right from the pages of science fiction literature:  the “time travel” conspiracy. 

There are various forms of the time travel conspiracy theory, but, in general, the theory contends that the U.S. government has been experimenting with time travel research for decades, and that they may have already successfully developed technologies that circumvent the rules of the space-time continuum.

Jesse begins his investigation by meeting with Alfred Webre (also known as Alfred Labremont Webre), a man Jesse describes as “an Ivy League lawyer, a former white house advisor, a real insider.”  According to Webre, the time travel conspiracy is “the deepest darkest state secret that the United States possesses.”  Though Jesse seems to have a past with Webre, and treats him with credibility, he seems skeptical that such a conspiracy could exist.   “Wait a minute now.  Wait, wait, wait, time out… wait.  You’re talking to me here like H.G.… Read the rest

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Every End is a New Beginning: Happy Death Day to Al Bielek, Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Visionary

October 10, 2012 marks the 1 year anniversary of the death and passing through the astral plane of Al Bielek, a conspiracy theory icon known for his contribution to the legends of the Philadephia Experiment and the Montauk Project.  Bielek claimed he began recovering memories of his involvment in the secret U.S. government research programs after seeing the movie The Philadelphia Experiment in 1988.  He went public in 1989, and cemented his legend in a classic interview with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM in 1993. 

While serving as a Navy engineer during WWII, Bielek claimed he witnessed the events of the legendary Philadelphia Experiment(s) of 1943, in which it is alleged the U.S.S. Eldridge, while docked in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, was rendered invisible during the initial experiment, then accidently teleported to Norfolk, Virginia in the follow-up experiment .  According to legend, upon the vessel’s reappearances some sailors on the ship experienced strong psychological disturbances, while others were tragically embedded into the metal structures of the ship.  It has been suggested that these experiments were carried out using intense electromagnetic fields, and were based on secret discoveries into the Unified Field Theory made by Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, John von Neumann and other scientific leaders of the 20th century. 

Bielek also claimed that he later became involved with the Montauk Project, an alleged continuation of research into the areas of teleportation, time travel, and various areas of parapsychology (including telepathy, telekinesis and mind control) based on the discoveries made during the Philadelphia Experiment and other, post-WWII research projects.  During his time in the Montauk Project, Bielek claimed to have been the Operations Manager for experiments involving the “Montauk Chair” in the 1970’s, and when time travel programs became operational in the 1980’s, travelled to 100,000 B.C., 6037 A.D., and Mars. 

Here is video of a presentation by Al Bielek called From Philadelphia to Phoenix: The Psychotronic Connection, from the 1991 USPA (United States Psychotronic Association) Conference:

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The Montauk Project

[disinfo ed.’s note: this original essay was first published by disinformation on January 22, 2001.]

You’ve got to love a story that is stranger than any fiction but claims to be the God’s honest truth. What could be more fabulously outrageous than the idea that your tax dollars have subsidized the demented experiments of an evil cabal of Navy brass, CIA shrinks, fugitive Nazis and Reptoid ETs? What could be more fantastic than the vision of them pow wowing together for a little high-tech, tantric voodoo? How very spicy, that this panoply of government geeks and their alien pals fired up interdimensional vortexes by means of a buff, naked dude who was jacked into a psychotronic chair — while sporting a raging boner!

Now, THAT’S entertainment. Laugh while you can, Monkey Boy but things will never be the same: They say the universe we call home is artificial; a mirror world that split off from the Original Universe when the Montauk Project started to go awry in the late 1970s.… Read the rest

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Top Secret Places Governments Don’t Want You To Know About

This satellite image of Area 51 shows dry Groom Lake just northeast of the site.

This satellite image of Area 51 shows dry Groom Lake just northeast of the site.

Area 51, Hangar 18, Montauk, Pine Gap, Fort Detrick, Rudloe Manor, Zhitkur, Porton Down, the Dugway Proving Ground, and the Dulce Base:  these are just a handful of the many and varied select, highly-classified installations about which the governments of the United States, Australia, China, Russia, the United Kingdom and elsewhere, prefer that we, the general public, remain steadfastly ignorant of.

And those same governments have extremely good reasons for wishing us to remain in the dark. It is at these very same secret facilities that, for decades, clandestine research is said to have been undertaken into lethal viruses, genetic manipulation, crashed UFOs and deceased alien entities, biological-warfare, mind-control experimentation, futuristic aircraft and spacecraft, teleportation, weather-modification, invisibility, time-travel, and much, much more of a conspiratorial and cosmic nature.

For decades, sensational claims have been made to the effect that alien spacecraft and deceased – and possibly even living – extraterrestrial beings are held deep in the desert of Nevada at the infamous Area 51.… Read the rest

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The Montauk Project Resurfaces

Our friends at AboveTopSecret have brushed off one of our favorite mad conspiracy theories, the Montauk Project. When the Disinformation team was commissioned by Britain's Channel 4 TV to create a pilot for the TV series that later became Disinfo Nation, we asked friend (and now Disinformation author) Alexandra Bruce to take us to the far end of New York's Long Island to meet the wacky characters at the center of the reptilian conspiracy depicted in Peter Moon's series of books. You can watch that original pilot on the DVD DisinfoTV on DVD. Here's the ATS report:
The original "Subversive Element" and one of AboveTopSecret.com's original founding members, "William One Sac," who is now in the battle of his life with cancer, recounts his first-hand experiences as he explored, photographed, and learned about the mysteries, stories, and hidden features of Camp Hero in Montauk, NY.
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