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Neuromarketing Invades Movies

greatest movieHollywood’s hippest executives and filmmakers have been shuttling back and forth to Park City, Utah this week for the top U.S. film festival, Sundance. One of the more interesting films debuting is Morgan Spurlock’s The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, which he financed entirely with product placement and sponsorship money. In this interview with Jeff Sneider for The Wrap he discusses how neuromarketing works:

The Wrap: The thing that I found most fascinating was the neuromarketing stuff.

Spurlock: Amazing, right?

Yes, it was very interesting. Do you feel like that’s the future of marketing, and if so, does that worry you?

You have to think that if you can get to the point where you know that a mass of people, if you do X, Y and Z in a trailer, will want to go see that movie, or in a commercial, will make them want to go buy that thing or make them crave it in some way … it’s a crazy thing to think about.

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