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The So-Called ‘Men’s Rights Movement’ Is Actually A Far-Left Progressive Project

PIC: AnonMoos (PD)

PIC: AnonMoos (PD)

Donald Douglas writes at American Power:

As I noted earlier, “The depraved Obama-protection media will be spinning this Elliot Rodger as some kinda of NRA-survivalist tea party conserva-libertarian, or something.”

Well, that “or something” is the so-called “men’s rights movement,” which murderous leftists are attempting to spin as a bastion of “reactionary” conservatism.


In fact, this so-called “men’s rights movement” is bathed in progressive, me-culture leftism in which the Hollywood luxury boy Elliot Rodger glommed onto like a baby to the teat.


PIC: The Good Men Project (C)

See Amanda Marcotte, at Raw Story, “Why Progressive “Men’s Movements” Are Bound to Fail.”

Linked there is the leftist Good Men Project, which boasts bona fide progressive credentials, and includes on the frontpage a photograph of Democrat Party propagandist Shepard Fairey.

Some idiot feminists have sought to portray the “men’s right’s movement” as conservative, for example, Anne Theriault, at HuffPo, “Why the Men’s Rights Movement Is Garbage“:

MRAs believe that feminists are to blame for basically everything that’s wrong with their lives.

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MRAs rebrand as ‘Men’s Human Rights Activists’

Last Spring, the Southern Poverty Law Center (splcenter.org) profiled a group of websites as “woman-hating.”

Among these were some popular spaces for “the men’s rights movement,” including avoiceformen.comthe-spearhead.commensactivism.org and the men’s rights subreddit.

On January 21st 2013 (MLK Day), A Voice for Men used the words, “privileged white bitches in our dust” to boast outranking Feministing.com via Alexa’s traffic data. AVfM’s tagline is “compassion for boys and men.”

Another url, Manboobz.com positions itself as a watchdog for this community. For example, a recent post exposed a commenter at The Spearhead who suggested something like prison “whorehouses” for women.

In the past few weeks, some MRAs have started to promote new acronyms: MHRA and MHRM, for Men’s Human Rights Activism and Men’s Human Rights Movement.

If you do a search for feminism on Youtube, the first result ironically is an anti-feminist video with more than 500,000 views from MRA (MHRA), Girl Writes What. Last week, this user posted a video discussing the name change, which she says encourages inclusiveness.… Read the rest

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