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UFOs? Interdimensional Anomalies? Cosmic Guardians? Future Self? Or All of the Above?

This article will explore my first hand experience with this phenomenon, my mental dissection of what happened to me, and how I handled these truly mind boggling experiences.

As a young boy, growing up in Fort Worth, TX, I was always interested in outer space, which naturally lead to an interest in UFOs, aliens, abduction stories, and all that good stuff. In those younger days I often had irrational thoughts and fears relating to those things, sometimes fearful that I would find an alien in my room, get chased by a UFO or otherwise kidnapped and abducted. Of course none of these things ever happened and I continued on with a rather pleasant childhood in the suburbs. Even though every time I stayed out too late my dad would spring the joke on me, “I thought you got abducted by aliens!”

In my years as a young adult after high school, I ventured into my first psychedelic experiences with psilocybin mushrooms, greatly expanding my consciousness and bending the framework of what I believed to be true or possible in this world.… Read the rest

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‘Primate-Like Aliens Visited Us,’ says North Carolina Woman

Steve Jurvetson (CC BY 2.0)

Steve Jurvetson (CC BY 2.0)

via Cryptozoology News:

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — A woman claims a series of disturbing encounters with different sorts of “alien” creatures are taking place inside her home in Orange County.

The unnamed woman said Thursday that even though she and her husband have experienced strange occurrences before, they were nothing like what’s supposedly been happening for the past week. The events are allegedly taking place at night time and usually when the couple is already in bed.

“I have been awake when these experiences happen, so that convinced me I was not dreaming,” she wrote on the MUFON website. “When I turn on the light, they disappear… I have tried to take pictures, but have not seen anything on them when I have,” she added.

According to the woman, the entities have assorted shapes and sizes, including primates. The creatures reportedly meet at the couple’s bed and, among other activities, observe the pair as they lay in it.

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The End of UFOs?

403px-PurportedUFO2Is the end of ufology upon us? Why has the fascination with UFOs seemingly dwindled?

via New York Magazine:

As the news of the day pulsed along the once seemingly unthinkable pathways of the information industry — boots on the ground in Gaza, slide show updates on Mila Kunis’s pregnancy — adherents of an earlier future gathered at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The occasion was the annual conference of the Mutual Unidentified Flying Objects Network, which, in accordance with this year’s theme, “UFOs and the Media,” was focused not on the ephemera of the news cycle but rather on the eternalities of what several in attendance called “the biggest single story in  history,” i.e., the existence of extraterrestrial life on Earth and the cover-up of that presence by the United States government, the corporate structure, and their oblivious and/or sold-out lackeys in the mainstream press.

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MUFON Director Defends “Blockbuster UFO Discoveries” Claims

Recently the 2012 MUFON symposium was touted to be having some “Blockbuster UFO Discoveries” that were going to be unveiled to those in attendance. Having never paid attention to Ufology before, some got their hopes a bit too high. Now it seems there was some disappointment by some people from the so called “blockbuster” discoveries. Via Examiner

Photo: MUFON Logo, Wikipedia CC

Mutual UFO Network executive director David ‘The Captain’ MacDonald defended the manner the information presented at the recent annual symposium was touted as “major” and “blockbuster,” stating that importance is in the eye of the beholder.

When asked via email to comment on disappointments expressed, as well as specifically what “material” was considered to be so “sensitive” that “proper security protocols” were implemented to protect the material and parties involved, MacDonald replied:

The sensitive material which requires “proper security protocol” is the Leonard Stringfield files which have been acquired by MUFON.

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How Did You Celebrate World UFO Day?

UFOJohn Schwartz reminds us to look up occasionally, in the New York Times:

How did you celebrate World U.F.O. Day?

You didn’t?

Dang. Nobody seems to remember any more that July 2, 1947 was the day of the Roswell crash in the New Mexico desert (a spacecraft from another world, say some; a test balloon, says the government) that became the touchstone for those who believe aliens have come to Earth.

And they certainly don’t remember that World U.F.O. Day is celebrated by some on June 24, to commemorate the first widely reported U.F.O. sighting by Kenneth Arnold, a pilot who claimed to see what he would call “flying saucers” over Mount Rainier the same year.

From those days, our cultural love affair with little green men has gone through the stages of many passionate relationships — the fear and hopefulness of “The Day The Earth Stood Still” in 1951; the quirky cuddliness of Ray Walston as “My Favorite Martian” in the ’60s.

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Professor Backs UFO Studies

Mufon_logoThe Buffalo News profiles a local professor who wants to make UFO research respectable:

Philip Haseley has never had any encounters with UFOs or extraterrestrials, but he knows dozens of people who say they have.

“It happens to millions of people [around the world],” he said. “It’s about time we looked into this as a worthy area of study. It’s important that the whole subject be brought out in the open and investigated.”

Haseley is doing his part. He is as serious about unidentified flying objects as anyone in the region. The Niagara County Community College anthropology professor has brought several speakers on the subject to the college in recent years and is head of the Western New York Mutual UFO Network, a group interested in UFO research.

Like the national organization, the Western New York group researches reported UFO sightings.

Generally, about 30 to 50 claims of UFOs are reported monthly across the state, Haseley said, including two or three in this region.

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