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Man Who Murdered Entire Family as Teenager Now a College Professor

Screen-Shot-2013-08-01-at-2.51.22-PM-2To what extent can a person convicted of a horrific crime be redeemed? Are there some limits to rehabilitation? These are questions some people are asking after having discovered one man’s horrific past:

Via Addicting Info:

It was a hot summer night just outside of Austin, Texas, when 15-year-old James Wolcott shot his mother, father, and young sister to death, for no reason at all. Almost five decades later, James (now St. James) enjoys the status and respect of a longtime college professor.

The murders of the Wolcott family were the kind of shocking event that embeds itself into the conscience of a community. The father, Dr. Gordon Wolcott, was the head of the biology department at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. The mother, Elizabeth Wolcott, was active in the local church circle. Sister Libby was 17-years-old that summer in 1967. James and Libby had gone to a show in Austin on the night of August 4th.… Read the rest

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