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Ronnie James Video Games

Last Thursday night Antonia and I were watching the video for Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games.” Antonia pointed out that it was one of the first earnest video game songs she could recall — as most songs about arcade attractions are parody’s or novelty songs; campy cantos to clanging coins.

So, we Googled “video game songs.” While not every song or video on this Kotaku list is as compelling as the next, I recommend sampling every one of these finds — they range from early rap to Kraftwerk-ian synth scores to disco funk to…er…Joe Walsh.

To get you started, here are a few of my favorites…

Check out this mysterious 1980’s duo with their take on “Video Games.”

Forgive me if you’ve seen this before. I normally only schedule odd, artsy videos during the wee hours, but ‘We Own the Sky’ is one of the best tracks from French dreampop/electronic/shoegaze/something band M83’s album “Saturdays=Youth” and, well, it’s Saturday – the last one of 2012. Get out there and enjoy it.

The apocalyptic, kidnapping and brainwashing California-based cult known at various times as Children of God, Family International, Family of Love, and the Family apparently stumbled upon a knack for catchy power pop melodies for a brief period in the 1980s. The result was a string of music videos concerning subject matter such as the impending arrival of the Antichrist, and “Cathy Don’t Go (To The Supermarket Today)”, which breezily delves into being implanted with RFID chips, barcodes, and the mark of the beast: