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Stand Behind The Rope, Sir


Jim Swill, the visionary behind “No Dogs No Masters,” has just released a haunting music video with his band, Pelts. Pelts, an electronic duo based in LA, consists of Jim Swill (vocals) and Henry Sugar (production).

Pelts’ newest single, “Stand Behind The Rope,” is a hypnotic tale of a bureaucratic world run by “shadow people.” Directed by Paul Rosas and Jim Swill, the music video “draws from our fascination with sleep paralysis, shadow people and near death experiences,” explains Swill.

Swill’s edgy and metaphor-laden lyrics fuse nicely with Sugar’s electronic and hip-hop inspired beat. Frenetic editing and camera movement creates a surreal and disorienting setting for a man who curiously resembles Charles Bukowski. The look of the music video is appropriated from Swill’s art series, “Life is Real.”

“We wanted to make a video that represented shadow figures similar to Grim Reaper-like entities with a mixture of society’s current uneasiness with authority figures,” Swill said.… Read the rest

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People Who Do Noise

2008 documentary by Adam Cornelius:

Noise: a genre that is difficult for the average person to appreciate. However, when one sees its creation firsthand or creates it oneself, noise becomes a type of musical art that takes on its own appeal and meaning. In People Who Do Noise, noise becomes associated with faces, through interviews with dozens of Portland noise musicians. The documentary gives viewers who might be unfamiliar with the controversial genre a deeper look.

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Band Crowdfunding to Have Its Own Drummer Killed

Not a bad stunt to get some publicity, is it? The only catch seems to be that with a crowdfunding target of only $100, the band (Without Mother Fucking Order) will probably get the money – what happens to the drummer now?

Peter Yarmouth / Black and Blue Records

Peter Yarmouth / Black and Blue Records

The band notes on its Facebook page that the campaign has been taken down:

WOO! If you haven’t noticed, GoFundMe has taken down our page, we only raised $27 but our super scientist Tex Johnson said he can make the Death Machine work for that much, but he requires a Twix bar while he’s working on it, so we will be making a new GoFundMe campaign for that. We will be posting that very soon, so in the meantime, read that thing some guy wrote about us and stay tuned!

I think “that thing some guy wrote about” is this post at Riverfront Times:


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Radian: Musique Inconcrete

Austria’s Radian is a trio featuring Martin Brandlmayr, Stefan Nemeth, and John Norman, all of which have been known for their playing in a variety of arrangements (bands, duos, solos), with music often improvisational in nature. Radian, however, is a cold-calculated authentic band, with emphasis on the actual songs rather than free-form improvisation. Their third album, last year’s Juxtaposition is their second for Thrill Jockey and the group have finally made their rounds of live dates. The Eye was fortunate to capture them in a very special setting, the Goethe Institut in Boston, and are thankful for the great interview with these talented musicians.

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Paul Metzger and His Banjo

Instrumental alchemist Paul Metzger improvises hauntingly beautiful music on his self-modified 23-string banjo. Over the past 30 years, he’s honed a sound that’s percussive, rustic, ornate and entirely original. Besides creating music, Metzger is also committed to saving it — through the process of bringing old instruments back to life. He also has a gift for constructing new instruments out of unusual materials, creating pieces never before imagined.

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Project Bring Me to Life Podcast Interviews Dixon’s Violin

Christopher “Selomon” Closson interviews Dixon’s Violin on Project Bring Me to Life Podcast #29:

The world’s premier digital violinist, Dixon’s life mission is to inspire people! And he has done so across North America, captivating audiences at intimate shows, and wowing crowds of thousands, including Burning Man, giving two TED talks/performances, plus radio, TV, and film appearances.

Learn more about Dixon at www.dixonsviolin.com

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Liam Wilson of The Dillinger Escape Plan on Midwest Real | Rabbit Holes Never End

Via Midwest Real

Liam Wilson of The Dillinger Escape Plan talks fatherhood, consciousness and nomadic, otherworldly, head-sucking Ayahuasca shamans. 


somespaceshitbrightliamLiam Wilson is a successful musician, psychonaut, yogi, meditator,traveler and writer (by no means does he live an unexamined, life). Yet, nothing has prepared him one bit for the trajectory-altering, love-filled uppercut to the nethers of your ego that is fatherhood.

As if that weren’t nuclear enough, Liam just participated in a two-day Ayahuasca ceremony run by a mysterious, otherworldly, head-sucking, nomadic shaman. An experience that has left him reconsidering even the most basic anchors we ground our very realities with.

Liam is a contributing writer at Talkhouse. If you’re a fan of heavy music and somehow haven’t listened to his band The Dillinger Escape Plan, what in the name of Satan’s gnarled beard is wrong with you? 

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The Third Revelation of Father John Misty

“Josh Tillman has lived many lives. The singer-songwriter has been a defiant child of God, a broke dishwasher, a successful drummer, a Dionysian shaman, a failed poet, a drug-hoovering spiritualist, and a gleeful prankster. Now, he’s a man with one of the year’s best, most bracing albums. And all it took was the love of a good woman,” writes Sean Hennessey at Grantland:

The Laurel Canyon Country Store lives on Love Street. Not literally, though it has been called that. In fact, the store sits on a slope that splits the twisting thoroughfare of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Rothdell Trail, the tucked-away surface street that briefly runs in parallel. Together, they make the interwoven strands of a pocket-size cultural history.

J. Tillman 2014.jpg

Josh Tillman by Ralph Arvesen (CC)


The store is mired in the sort of Los Angeles local mythology that transcends maps and signs and zoning regulations. Outside its door, beneath a green awning, hangs a hippie-dippy painting by the local artist Spike Stewart greeting customers with the wavy lettering and pink-petaled daisies one might have found on a ’69 Woodstock poster — or more likely, on a groovy T-shirt sold at Spencer Gifts.

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