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School Drops ‘Spamalot’ Because Homosexuality ‘Does Not Exist’ In Community

spamalotSouth Williamsport’s Junior Senior High School principal thinks that gay themes are inappropriate for his students because, “homosexuality does not exist in a conservative community such as South Williamsport.”

Which begs the question: “Why have musicals at all, then?”

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT — A controversy is brewing in Lycoming County over the decision to cancel a musical that was set for students to perform next spring. In South Williamsport, administrators thought the subject matter of the musical was not appropriate for students.

We had several viewers reach out to us because they are upset South Williamsport’s Junior Senior High School has dropped a performance of Broadway’s Monty Python’s Spamalot over controversial content, which includes a homosexual wedding.

Cast members from “Spamalot” perform the Monty Python musical nightly on Broadway. It was supposed to be performed next spring in South Williamsport, but school officials decided not to run the musical, because of what they think is inappropriate content.

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Creator of HBO’s ‘The Wire’ Creating Musical Based on Music of The Pogues


PIC: David McMahon (CC)

David Simon is apparently a huge fan of The Pogues. Who know? (Incidentally, The Pogues perform one of a handful of Christmas songs that I can stomach. An honor also held by The Kinks and The Ramones.)

Via The Rolling Stone:

David Simon, creator of the TV series The Wire and Treme, has reportedly finished the first draft of a musical based on the music of British-bred Irish rockers the Pogues. He has been working on the production with the understanding it will be produced by the Irish theater company the Druid. According to the Dublin-based newspaper Evening Herald, which broke the news, it “will take years” before Simon’s script is ready for staging.

Reportedly, Simon had been working on the musical with the raucous rockers’ guitarist Philip Chevron, who died of cancer in October. Previously, Chevron had been working on his own musical, about an Irish-American boxer, Jack Rooney in Person, though it was not produced, due to underfunding.

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