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Is Myth Dead?

MythAn excerpt from the upcoming Immanence of Myth anthology:

It may seem that the word “myth” has lost its meaning to us as a psychological or spiritual term. No, the situation is more drastic than that. Myth has become the opposite of fact, something that is generally accepted but untrue; “it is a myth that reading by flashlight ruins your eyesight.” The popular television show on the Discovery Channel, Myth Busters, uses this definition, attempting to disprove “myths” with something vaguely resembling science. The myths of antiquity are looked upon as quaint stories, despite the fact that they have shaped our cultural history. It is neatly overlooked that myths remain at the center of the bloody stage of modern religious, national, economic or ideological dynamics, not to mention our personal and everyday lives.

The fact that the word “myth” has become synonymous with untruth belies an underlying shift in the Western epistemological focus over the past several thousand years.

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Does Science Need More Republicans?

Aaron Cynic writes at Diatribe Media: Thanks to the President’s appearance on Mythbusters, Slate’s Daniel Sarewitz looked into a year and a half old survey from the Pew Research Center on the public's perceptions of science and scientists and social perceptions of the science community. The survey spends a few pages dissecting the general politics of scientists and finds (SHOCKING… wait for it) that a meager 6% of those surveyed identify as Republicans...
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Obama To Appear On Mythbusters For A ‘Viewer’s Challenge’

President Obama discussing his appearance on the upcoming episode of Mythbusters with co-hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Sawage

President Obama discussing his appearance on the upcoming episode of "Mythbusters" with co-hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Sawage

President Barack Obama has never been shy about his use of television and social media to reach his younger audience. Tonight, Obama will be appearing on Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters,” for a ‘viewers challenge’ special about Archimedes’ legendary solar ray, an experiment that has been attempted and failed two previous times on the show. The Los Angeles Times reports:

On Wednesday, Barack Obama, the president of the United States, will appear on “Mythbusters,” the long-running Discovery Channel series that tests the truth of common wisdom, received notions, popular legends and stuff you see in the movies. On a more basic level, it is a show about building and blowing things up, and that, as the president himself will say here, “is always cool.”

Obama has been criticized at times for the seeming alacrity with which he will go on television, any old television, but his trip to a comical basic-cable series is not without presidential precedent.

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Obama on ‘Mythbusters’ TV Show – What’s Up With That?

MythBustersPeter Grier wonders why Obama feels the need to follow Sarah Palin onto a Discovery TV show, in the Christian Science Monitor:

President Obama is scheduled to appear on the December 8 episode of “MythBusters,” a Discovery Channel reality show. What’s up with that? Is Mr. Obama just trying to match Sarah Palin, who is getting her own show on Discovery-affiliated TLC?

Well, maybe. But the stated point of Obama’s star turn with Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage, and the rest of the “MythBuster” gang is to promote science and math education. Monday is science fair day at the White House – besides officially announcing his television appearance, Obama will play host to the winners of a range of science and math competitions, from the Intel Science and Engineering Fair to the Team America Rocketry Challenge…

Obama is going to appear in an episode titled “Archimedes Solar Ray.” He’ll challenge Jamie and Adam to examine an ancient Greek legend that scientist Archimedes set fire to an invading Roman fleet using only mirrors and the reflected rays of the sun.

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