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Peruvian Authorities Vow to Crack Down On Machu Picchu’s Naked Travelers

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 2.57.35 PMApparently no trip to famed cultural heritage site Machu Picchu is complete until you’ve wiggled your wang at it.

Warning: Video features naked tourists.

Via Peruvian Travel Trends:

There is a growing fad at Machu Picchu that officials hope to nip in the bud: tourists who pose for nude snapshots with the iconic Inca Citadel looming in the background.

For years, the practice has occurred pretty much under the radar.

That changed earlier this month when photos of two buddies from lands “Down Under” with buttocks bared, went viral, along with a YouTube video of a couple streaking across Machu Picchu’s principal plaza.

Peru’s media pounced.

Cusco’s new Regional Director of Culture, Ricardo Ruiz Caro, issued a statement that the incidents happened on the watch of his predecessor and that he should not be held responsible. He added that park guards at Machu Picchu and other historic sites in the region would increase surveillance from now on “to avoid these unfortunate events that threaten cultural heritage.

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Bath Salts Blamed For Outbreak Of Naked Crimes

What’s saucier than regular crime? Bath salt-fueled nude crime. Some combination of carjacking, biting animals, and ice cream is often involved. PressTV writes:

Addiction specialists suspect that so-called “bath salts” may be playing a part in an outbreak of crimes committed by naked people. After a series of recent crimes in Arizona, police began to see a pattern. Here are some shocking incidents involving naked people where “bath salts” are suspected to play a part:

-June 5: Broward County, Florida woman blocks intersection, exposing her herself

– June 12: Naked woman from Munnsville, New York punches kids and strangles dog.

– June 14: Half-naked Georgia man threatens to eat police at golf driving range.

– June 15: Texas woman crashes car, strips and eats ice cream in Houston.

– June 16: Naked Illinois man surfs on car hood.

– June 17: Naked woman fights with hospital staff in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

– June 20: Miami man breaks into house, strips naked, throws furniture and bites man.

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Over 100 People Strip-Down and Ride For Breast Cancer

Is there a better way to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research than getting a crowd of people to ride a rollercoaster naked? I can't think of one. More than 200 people showed up in Southend, Essex to ride the Green Scream. As well as breaking a record amount of nude people on a single rollercoaster, £22,000 were raised for the Southend Hospital breast care unit. ITN News:
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