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Interstellar: Bending Space-Time in the Name of American Exceptionalism

Interstellar American Flag

Still from Interstellar.

If you’ve already seen Interstellar, don’t tell me how it ends. I’ve been trying to avoid as many spoilers about it as I can, and once I do see it, to post as many spoilers as possible to annoy my friends.

But there are a few that have slipped through the cracks. For instance, that the soundtrack features an obnoxiously loud organ score. That the plot involves travelling through wormholes to save humanity after the planet is hit by massive droughts (it’s unclear to me if the droughts are attributed to climate change in the movie, though I imagine not, so that the movie’s producers could avoid setting off a boycott by Ted Cruz types). Once in the wormhole, trippiness ensues, promising to rival director Christopher Nolan’s earlier movie Inception in incomprehensibility.

A few more spoilers: The Atlantic has boldly proclaimed that “Interstellar Isn’t About Religion, and Also It Is Totally About Religion.” And Neil DeGrasse Tyson has been tweeting about it – a lot.… Read the rest

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Peace Activist And World Passport Creator Garry Davis Dies

garry davisA man born before his time? The Los Angeles Times writes:

Gary Davis, who registered himself and more than 950,000 others as “world citizens,” was an activist who founded the World Government of World Citizens, which issues its own “world passports,” visas, birth certificates and other documents in an effort to rise above national borders and the conflicts they breed.

Sometimes the documents work and sometimes they don’t — Davis was jailed at least 32 times — but his broader aim was to draw attention to what he saw as the violent lunacy of nationalism.

“Contrary to most people in the world who want to make world peace and who say that love is the answer, he realized the answer is political,” said his son Troy. “It’s not just love your neighbor. You have to change the system.”

Arthur Kanegis, a San Diego filmmaker who has a documentary about Davis in production, said, “He used to say: ‘The World Passport is a joke — but so are all the other passports.

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Why The World Isn’t As ‘Flat’ As Thomas Friedman Says…

The World Is Not FlatRana Foroohar writes in TIME:

Tis the season to be selfish. Right after the global financial crisis exploded in 2008, many economists fretted that countries looking to hold on to their share of a shrinking pie would become more self-interested and protectionist, plunging the planet into an even sharper downturn, just as happened in the 1930s after the Great Depression. Thanks to panic-fueled crisis management by policymakers, it didn’t happen. But after three years of pain and very little economic gain, it may be happening now.

The signs are everywhere. Europeans are in the middle of a potentially calamitous debt crisis, one that threatens not only the survival of the euro zone but the idea of the European Union itself: politicians are starting to talk about rolling back visa-free travel between countries. Meanwhile, OPEC is falling apart as the Saudis and the Iranians bicker over how to control the world’s energy spigots.

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Media Roots Radio – Bin Laden’s Death: Government Propaganda, CIA Ties, Mindless Nationalism

Via Media Roots: Robbie and Abby Martin of Media Roots cover Osama Bin Laden's timely death in this edition of Media Roots Radio. They break apart the government and media propaganda, expose Bin Laden's CIA ties, dissect his role as boogyman for the War on Terror and comment on the mindless nationalism and lack of critical thinking from fellow Americans following the news of his death.
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Should We Celebrate President Obama’s Birthday?

With Michelle and Sasha on a trip to Spain, and Malia at camp, President Barack Obama isn’t celebrating his birthday with family. Instead, he has a busy itinerary ending with a dinner with ‘friends’ held in Chicago. After a recent poll conducted by CNN/Opinion Research it was found that “more than a quarter of the public have doubts about Obama’s citizenship, with 11 percent saying Obama was definitely not born in the United States and another 16 percent saying the president was probably not born in the country.” This raises a lot of questions on his birthday. Keith Koffler of Politico tells us why Obama’s birthday is not a cause for national celebration:

Today is President Barack Obama’s 49th birthday, which the president seems to think is an unhappy day. He has taken to lamenting his fading youth and graying hair, showing all the signs of a midlife crisis — minus the red Corvette.

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