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The Case for Indigenous Peoples’ Day

CCDay– Eric Scott Pickard is an artist, activist, poet and writer. He is a Co-Founder of media collective Free Radical Media and a co-host of the Free Radical Media podcast, available via YouTube and Itunes

On 12 October of 1492, Cristobal Colon, known as Christopher Columbus, having made landfall on the island of Hispaniola, first encountered the native peoples of the Americas. Columbus was certainly not the first European to visit the Americas, and and perhaps not even the first visitor from the Old World, to visit North and South America since the closing of the land bridge in ancient times. He was, however, the man who opened the door in modern times to vast new lands, full of new plants, animals, and people, and the effect of 12 October, 1492 on the Americas cannot be understated.

The narrative in Western, and especially American history books is mostly one of vague allusions and rhetoric: a story of exploration, strangers in a strange land, a journey fraught with danger, leading to the discovery of a whole “New World”.… Read the rest

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Native American Man to Anti-Illegal Immigration Protesters: ‘You’re All Fucking Illegal!’

The truth clearly has the power to break up a crowd of incognizant Arizona Sand Cutters. I gotta give it to this man, that is a bold and courageous stand he took.

via mediaITE


New video shows a Native American man tearing into anti-illegal immigration protesters at an undated Arizona rally, scolding them for being the “real illegals” due to the history of Europeans stealing native lands after arriving upon the American continent.

“You’re all fucking illegal! You’re all illegal,” the man, pushing a baby stroller, is seen screaming at the protesters. “We didn’t invite none of you here. We’re the only native Americans here!” he continued.

The unidentified man continued to berate the protesters, who seemed uninterested in engaging him as they began to walk away.

“Get on with your bogus arguments,” he yelled. “We’re the only legal ones here!”

He then pointed to one of the anti-immigration signs (not clearly seen on-camera): “Yeah, we should have put that sign up when you son-of-a-bitches came!

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U.S. Motor Rally ‘Violates’ Sacred Land

August in South Dakota means The Black Hills Motor Classic motorcycle rally, one of the largest in the world. Close to a half a million bikers attend, helping the local business, but upsetting others. The local Native Americans say this event threatens one of their holiest sites, Bear Butte Mountain, which is also the founding place of religion for several Plains Indian tribes. Al Jazeera reports:
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