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Hitler Was Not a Leftist

Picture: Public Doman

Most people will respond to the title of this post with “No duh!”  But there’s been a lot of effort by conservatives on the Internet to portray Hitler as a leftist.  After all, economic laissez-faire is the sole definition of the right, and anything else is therefore left, right?

Wrong.  No true, intelligent libertarian accepts the one-dimensional left/right political spectrum as accurate, which is why they’ve proposed a two-dimensional political compass.  And as I posted a while back, Noah Millman has proposed an even more descriptive three-dimensional political taxonomy.

While I don’t agree with all the points presented in the following article, enough of them are true to prove that while the Nazis may or may not have been true right-wingers, they certainly weren’t leftists.  (For the record, they viewed themselves as syncretists, not that you have to take their word for it.)

Steve Kangas writes:

Myth: Hitler was a leftist.

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Swastika Controversy in Germany: Are Any Symbols Beyond Redemption?

Via Raw Story: In what must be an extraordinary act of naivete (or likely extraordinary fatuousness), Russian singer Yevgeny Nikitin claims not to have known that his Swastika tattoo was in any way connected with the Nazi party or its Neo-Nazi brethren. The row over Nikitin's tattoos began when the singer was attached to star in a new production of Wagner's "The Flying Dutchman" at Germany's Bayreuth music festival. Nikitin claims that the now-infamous symbol holds spiritual, not political, significance for him. Nonetheless, the uproar over Nikitin's swastika (along with his "Tyr" tattoos) forced him to withdraw from the prestigious festival. The swastika does indeed have an ancient history (most date it back 3,000 years to ancient India), and versions of it have popped up here and there throughout the world. In the present, the symbol means only one thing to most people: Naziism. It's hard to believe that any adult Westerner alive would be aware of the symbol's ancient mythological past, yet have its more recent controversial usage escape them...
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