New Age

There is a certain kind of bookshop, most common in the United States, which specialises in New Age subjects. There are sections on pyramids, fortune-telling, women’s empowerment, and so on, but the one I always make for is labeled “Prosperity.” The books in it are about how to become rich.

It is an irresistible subject and many of the books contain useful advice on how to do well, but they all emphasise that if you really want to attract wealth you have to concentrate on it, work and pray for it, think and dream about it, to the exclusion of everything else. This violates the second Commandment (against idolatry), and in any case I have no time for such devotions. So wealth and I remain strangers, which is probably how it was meant to be.

beyond secretBut you can easily become rich without having to sacrifice your soul. According to the experts, there are six different ways of acquiring money:

1. By honest work, craft, or trade.

2. By robbing, swindling, or unlawful dealings.

3. By winning it through gambling or lottery.

4. By marrying it.

5. By inheriting it.

6. By finding it.

The first way is the most respectable but it tends to be slow and laborious….

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Dr. Rick Strassman, a psychiatric researcher with a specialization in psychotropic drugs, on the “enlightenment experience” and hallucinogens as a pathway for Westerners into Buddhism and Hinduism:

I went to a Zen temple in my early 20s, and, ever the scientist, every chance I got to speak to a monk one on one, I asked every one of them if they had tripped on psychedelics and how important their trips were in their decision to become a monk. And I’d say 99% of these junior monks in their 20s all got their start on LSD.

Graham Hancock and John Major Jenkins discuss the end of the current 26,000 year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes, and what we should expect as we enter the next cycle.