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Anarchy, Activism and Collective Emancipation with John Carico – FRM Podcast

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In this installment, anarchist writer and organizer John Carico joins the Free Radical Media crew to discuss the current political climate along with future potentialities and activist oriented solutions.

Among other topics, we discuss the potential of New Media in a revolutionary context, activism, and the upcoming US Presidential election cycle. Another topic of conversation was Carico’s organizing with Kids Out of Cages, an abolitionist movement dedicated to freeing children from state, private, and for-profit prisons.

You can find John’s work via The Fifth Column and contact him via Facebook and Twitter.

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An Over-Looked Classic

The above video is a brilliant piece. In a sense it's already very much of its time but this works as a reminder of the fast moving nature of the interbutts. For me this video hammers home the fact we live in an era where the "New Media" is now outgrowing the old. You are unlikely to understand most of the references in it, if you're not part of the internet's growing subculture, and frankly that's what I love about it. Nick Margerrison (my twitter) FURTHER VIDEOS HERE: RAP NEWS History is happening
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