New World Order

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Is the end of ufology upon us? Why has the fascination with UFOs seemingly dwindled? via New York Magazine: As the news of the day pulsed along the once seemingly unthinkable pathways…

A fair look at those who believe that societal collapse may be immanent? This VICE piece features perspective on conspiracy theorism and the breakdown of the American Dream from several angles, including Alex Jones and Chris Hedges:

Traveling from Texas to Massachusetts, VICE investigates whether the country is actually on the verge of the 2nd Revolutionary War.

The Department of Homeland Security classifies them as potential “domestic terrorists”; they prefer to be called patriots. As the economic crisis deepens, a growing movement of Americans is rejecting the two-party system and the mainstream media. They believe a violent revolution is imminent, and they’re getting ready for it now. We meet Sgt. Charles Dyer, a U.S. Marine who has taken an oath to disobey unconstitutional orders and take up arms against the government if it becomes tyrannical — and is training a citizen militia to do the same.