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Political Game Playing Promotes Partisanship Through Polarization


Fox News studio. Photo: Inside Cable News (CC)


You can almost hear the growling in the background as the masters of attack politics go into action, virtually every hour on the hour, on the Fox News Channel. The issues they focus on are carefully selected by top executives and then broken down into highly politicized message points.

Their dominant emotion is annoyance, as expressed in sarcasm and scowling. Contempt is the underlying attitude.

The other side is usually not just wrong but plain stupid, almost unbelievable in its soft-headed naivete and distance from reality

A “what do you expect” question invariably tops off the argument which always ends with the Fox host a winner and the Democrat or social critic a loser on every level.

Standing on a podium, driven by self-righteous certainty, the finger pointers view the people they talk about, and talk down to, as below the intelligence threshold of people even worth arguing with.… Read the rest

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