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Giving Conspiracy Theorists A Bad Name

What is wrong with these people? As Anderson Cooper says, it's really best not to give our attention to the lunatic fringe, but when tenured university professors deny that the Newtown school massacre happened it's hard to stay silent in the face of such amazing stupidity, especially when you know full well that the Internet echo chamber (not to mention certain radio shows) will amplify his words many times over. The video report from Cooper is below, and should you wish to review Tracy's reaction you can find it here.
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Confession: I’m on SSRIs

Picture: Christine de la Cerna

To say that I have a family history of mental illness would be an understatement: I’ve got a long, storied family history of men putting shotguns in their mouths and pulling the trigger. I’ve even got a few female suicides as well. Family rumors were that I had a great, great aunt that took a header off a bridge. One of my parents crawled into a whiskey bottle and died. The other recently became persona non grata after putting a pellet rifle to the head of a newborn. Last I heard she’s living in a trailer out in the woods somewhere, gobbling up drugs and claiming to have one fatal illness after another. Throw in a grand lineage of drunks and we’re a family in the classic Southern Gothic style.

Call it a family curse – a tainted bloodline, if you’re into H.P. Lovecraft – but it’s one that visited itself on me in my teenage years and decided to stick around.… Read the rest

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Newtown, CT, and America’s Serial Aversion to Substance

Picture: US DOD (PD)

Daniel Edward Massoglia writes at Diatribe Media:

“Now isn’t the time.”

Jesus Christ. “Now isn’t the time.” When is the time? What does that even mean? Why are you saying it?

It is a peculiar society in which the common response to one of the most horrific shootings in its history can be telling others not to talk about it, to not think about it, to not feel it. That can hold engaging in the scripted, often-disgusting exercise of gaudy, superficial grief the best of all options. The United States is the mass murder capital of the world. Please, sir: when is the time?

For people intent trying to make sense of the Newton, CT tragedy with the familiar grief process—a tear from the president, a solemn nod from the anchorwoman: there’s no way to make sense of a mass murder at an elementary school. There’s no way.

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Obama’s Crocodile Tears and Madeleine Albright’s Hard Choices: An Important Article to Read Regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

via chycho

Like most, sorrow has been the dominant emotion that I have been feeling regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Two other emotions have overcome me as well, that of anger and disgust.

Anger that Obama, the architect for the normalization of assassinations and the one who embraced the redefinition of ‘civilians’ as ‘combatants’ in the drone wars, had the audacity to use such a tragic event to shed his crocodile tears. And disgust with our governments that value children’s lives based on their citizenry.

Originally it was my intention to share my sentiments by providing a detailed post regarding the shooting and its implications. However, I came across a piece that did, for the most part, just that. I believe you will find the article entitled ‘Bug-Splats’ by George Monbiot well worth the read:

“It must follow that what applies to the children murdered there by a deranged young man also applies to the children murdered in Pakistan by a sombre American president…

‘Are we,’ Obama asked on Sunday, ‘prepared to say that such violence visited on our children year after year after year is somehow the price of our freedom?’ It’s a valid question.

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