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Fuel Your Body And Nightmares With This Algae Helmet

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 10.59.46 AMOpen up. Stop screaming. It only hurts for a minute, and it’ll be oh so yummy in your tummy.

Via Next Nature:

Combining art and science, this alien-like tube mask, designed by English art collective Burton Nitta, could be a future alternative source of nutrition for the human body. Called Algaculture, is intended to produce algae for food. By standing in sunlight, algae cultures build up in the helmet’s tubes, which can then be ingested by the wearer.

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Man-Made Global Warming is Natural


More about Florida’s population of Invasive Nile monitors: http://bit.ly/jDrTMz

Whatever man made global warming is, it’s not artificial: The root of “artificial” is artifice, which implies intelligence, art and skill. Global warming, recently re-branded as “Climate Change” is obviously man-made or “anthropocentric” if you want to get all Greek and science-y about it. But, the point is there is no art or skill behind it. Its obviously an unintended consequence of Industrialization and its concomitant heavy use of Fossil fuels.

Global warming is presented by elite circles in academia and governance (as opposed to industry) as an evil: That much is clear. Every good democrat knows by now just how hard global warming is on cartoon polar bear. More recently, global warming was given a cost in dollar amounts to make it perfectly clear just how horribly bad it is.

Here is a particularly ridiculous example.

Dollar amounts like 60 trillion always make me laugh.… Read the rest

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Encounters with “Next Nature”

Picture: DarkOne (CC)

Walking home from the coffee shop after I posted the article about “Next Nature”, I encountered a small animal that suddenly became huge and threatening.  That is, it seemed small and harmless at first when I thought it was a friendly dog, but when I realized it was a large raccoon it suddenly seemed huge and scary. It approached me very boldly, but it was not interested in me but in a point just behind me; a gap in the fence which gave it access to some dumpsters near a bus station.

My fear became curiosity in a fraction of a second: “Cool, an urban raccoon!” I thought. I noticed it had a stumpy tail; most of it had probably been lost in a fight or some type of accident. It was clearly a survivor. The stumpy tail made it appear even bigger and more bear-like as it shuffled off to the dumpster.… Read the rest

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I've been following this website for a while now. I heard of it through science fiction writer and futurist Bruce Sterling. I think many disinfonauts would enjoy it as well. The basic premise is that while nature becomes culture ( picture a wilderness area being cleared and turned into a subdivision) culture also eventually becomes nature (picture the Exclusion zone of Chernobyl becoming a wilderness again, or urban areas becoming habitats for wild animals) Man-made systems, seeking to simplify nature, often become overly complex and devolve back in to chaos:
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