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Evolver the Podcast: Episode #2

On this episode of Evolver the Podcast we have three interviews. The first is with Jennifer Palmer, the news editor for Reality Sandwich and the community director for Evolver.net. We talked about what exactly Evolver is, a number of things we have accomplished, and directions that we hope to be headed.

Next we Interviewed Tony Damico from Evolver Long Beach. We talked about some of the amazing things that Tony has going on with his community in Long Beach. One of the things we talked about is the Time Bank that they just started down there. We also have a song from Tony's conscious hip hop group called Sun Dream. What they are doing down in Evolver Long Beach is very inspiring stuff.

Last we have an interview with Richard Smoley. Richard has recently re-released his book called The Essential Nostradamus. Richard is one of the most distinguished authorities on the mystical and esoteric teachings of Western civilization. The interview is conducted by Jonathan Phillips who is one of the co-founders of Evolver. Jonathan also has a strong background in Gnosticism and conscious media. Jonathan will be helping with the podcasts from now on conducting interviews.

I loved doing this episode and we have changed the format a lot from the first. I think that you all will enjoy listening. Remember it's our world to change.
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How Low Can The New York Times Go?

Charlie Suisman’s invaluable Manhattan Users Guide alerted me to a story in the New York Times that I missed while out of the country. Charlie sums it up better than I can:

Just when you think about the Times that maybe there’s a dance in the old dame yet, they go and do something simply inexplicable, even despicable. On New Year’s Day, the Times gave a platform to climate change denier Denis Dutton, who conflates Nostradamus, ‘evil aliens’, and global warming in his editorial. Any more of that crap and the Times, after its eventual demise, won’t even be missed as fish wrap.

Here’s the beginning of the Times Op/Ed:

Christchurch, New Zealand

IT seems so distant, 1999. Bill Clinton had survived impeachment, his popularity hardly dented, Sept. 11 was just another date and music fans were enjoying a young singer named Britney Spears.

But there was a particular unease in the air.

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