Greg Nyquist writes at Ayn Rand Contra Human Nature: Human nature and politics. Rand’s politics is not entirely free of the contagion of her view of man. Rand’s so-called “philosophy of history”…

Atlas ShruggedYes, Ayn Rand’s book has been turned into a movie. As Cyriaque Lamar writes on io9.com:

Whatever your feelings happen to be about Objectivism, this isn’t a particularly effective trailer. Sure, it’s jam-packed with lines that ooze significance if you’ve soldiered through the book’s 90,000 pages, but for those audience members who don’t know Ayn Rand from Emo Phillips, it’s a movie about a bunch of randoms angry about Amtrak or yammering about metallurgy or something.

What’s your verdict? Can anything be salvaged here, or will this be an objective stinker?

From Slate’s 2009 review of Jennifer Burns’ Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right and Anne Heller’s Ayn Rand and the World She Made:

Alisa Rosenbaum (her original name) was born in the icy winter of czarism, not long after the failed 1905 revolution ripped through her home city of St. Petersburg. Her father was a self-made Jewish pharmacist, while her mother was an aristocratic dilettante who loathed her three daughters. She would tell them she never wanted children, and she kept them only out of duty. Alisa became a surly, friendless child. In elementary school, her class was asked to write an essay about why being a child was a joyous thing. She instead wrote “a scathing denunciation of childhood,” headed with a quote from Pascal: “I would prefer an intelligent hell to a stupid paradise.”

But the Rosenbaums’ domestic tensions were dwarfed by the conflicts raging outside. The worst anti-Jewish violence since the Middle Ages was brewing, and the family was terrified of being killed by the mobs—but it was the Bolsheviks who struck at them first. After the 1917 revolutions, her father’s pharmacy was seized “in the name of the people.” For Alisa, who had grown up surrounded by servants and nannies, the Communists seemed at last to be the face of the masses, a terrifying robbing horde…