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The Hunt and The Hound – part 3


Part 3 of a 4 Part series involving magic, politics, hallucinogens, and ritual work.

Part 1 can be found here.

Part 2 can be found here.

Via Gods & Radicals:

Let’s talk about drugs. Almost all of our drugs, or at least their ancestral form, come from plants, here though I want to talk more specifically about entheogenic plants. The use of plants and fungi (everyone forgets the fungi), have a long and well documented history amongst almost all human cultures for religious and magical purposes. A year ago, a God tried to get my attention and succeeded, and in the intervening time I have come to know him as a God of many things, one of which is ecstasy. As I work in a botanic institution I have access to (probably) the world’s best botanical and mycological library and its resources, so I set out to do some homework. The classic enthogenic plant family is theSolanaceae; the nightshade family which provides us with a dizzying array of food plants (and is the third most important agricultural plant family after the grasses – Poaceae – and the pea/bean family – Fabaceae).

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Art As Spiritual Technology: How Paul Laffoley Changed My Life


Hearing about the passing of godhead brilliant visionary artist Paul Laffoley the other day made me contemplate just how enormous an impact the man’s work has had on my life and art. I never met Paul (although I did drive from Seattle to Portland to attend one of his lectures), nor do I consider myself an obsessive fanboy, but in hearing of his death I was forced to confront the fact that he influenced me on a such a deeply ingrained level that exposure to his ideas shapes nearly everything I do. Of course, the five minute clip that lead to this shift involves Paul talking about his painting the Thanaton III on Disinfo’s short lived TV show (which if you’ve never seen you should really check out):

For those too lazy to watch the clip, according to Paul, the Thanaton III depicts an extraterrestrial communication from beyond in which he’s shown how to:

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The Key of Hell: an 18th-Century Manual on Black Magic


A great find by the Public Domain Review. (Honestly, everything they post is pretty much awesome.)

via PDR:

The Claris Inferni (“The Key of Hell”) by Cyprianus, is a late-18th-century book on black magic. Written in a mixture of Latin, Hebrew, and a cipher alphabet (namely that of Cornelius Agrippa’s Transitus Fluvii or “Passing through the River” from the Third Book of Occult Philosophy written around 1510) the book has remained rather mysterious due to its unknown origin and context. It is said to be a textbook of the Black School at Wittenburg, a supposed school somewhere in Germany where one could learn the dark arts. As for the name of the author, it seems to have become a common name for people practicing magic. Benjamin Breen writes in The Appendix of how the existence throughout history of various magically-inclined Cyprianuses – from “a Dane […] who was so evil that Satan cast him out of hell” to the Greek wizard St.

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Shadows on the Wall: Myth, Reason, and the Quest for Gnosis


-Patrick Ryan is a Writer, Poet, Digital artist, and explorer of transcendental realms. He is the co – founder of Free Radical Media and co-host of the Free Radical Media podcast, available via YouTube and Itunes.

Since the advent of human cognition, humanity has made its main purpose to focus all of its energy and creative ambition on the postulation of thought into coherent structured forms able to translate an entire universe of meaning. These structures were itself only a reverberation of the so called “objective” reality — a participatory juxtaposition with the end result being a reflection of the very observers themselves. The interwoven riddle in this proposition is that reality itself is inherently mythological, with objectivity being only an automatic and instinctual lift into the light of the imagination. “REALITY IS SLIPPERY!” the Faery folk exclaim! Claiming to know the whole and complete truth of ANYTHING is a recipe for mass cognitive perceptual crash, leaving one potentially bitter and or in utter denial.… Read the rest

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Jimmy Page’s Original Score for Kenneth Anger’s ‘Lucifer Rising’

via YouTube:

Jimmy Page first composed his original score for Kenneth Anger’s film ‘Lucifer Rising’ at his (then) residence, Boleskine House, in November 1973. The 24-minute piece was rejected by Anger and very soon achieved legendary status, with many poor quality vinyl bootlegs emerging during the rest of the decade and beyond.

In 1987, Page’s ‘Lucifer Rising’ soundtrack was released in 12-inch, blue vinyl format in a limited edition of 1000 numbered copies — apparently without either Page or Anger being consulted. The release was accompanied by a publicity flyer which attributed the project to “Boleskine House Records” under the supervision of one “Frater Zardoz”, aka: Chris Dietler, a member of the O.T.O. who (despite claiming to have permission/authorisation to launch the project) was subsequently expelled from the Crowley-based organization for his unauthorised actions.

In 2006, the original soundtracks to Kenneth Anger’s films were released in remastered form on a CD entitled: ‘Anger Rising’.

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Unpublished Aleister Crowley writings reveal ‘short-story writer of the highest order’

Aleister Crowley painted portrait _DDC7564

The Drug and Other Stories contains never-before-published short stories by occultist Aleister Crowley.

Alison Flood via The Guardian:

But he was also the author of more than 70 stories, only 35 of which were published before his death. Now Wordsworth Editions has released The Drug and Other Stories, which includes five works that have never been published before: Ambrosii Magi Hortus Rosarum, The Murder in X. Street, The Electric Silence, The Professor and the Plutocrat and The Ideal Idol.

Wordsworth director Derek Wright says he was approached by the organisation holding the copyright to Crowley’s works in November 2008 about publishing some of the occultist’s short fiction, including previously unpublished material.

“As a result, we made contact with William Breeze, a specialist in the works of Crowley and the current head of Ordo Templi Orientis, an international organisation of which Crowley had been a member. The first edition of the book was published in 2010 and proved enormously popular with both the adherents and followers of Crowley throughout the world and the more general reader,” said Wright.

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How the Occult Saved Rock and Roll

811+aY5djDLThe paperback edition of Peter Bebergal’s book Season of the Witch: How the Occult Saved Rock and Roll is out today. To celebrate we’re republishing our exclusive interview with Peter:

Disinformation: You seem to struggle somewhat to define “occult.” Is it a loaded term?

Bebergal: For a word with such a simple definition, the “occult” has lost almost all meaning, as when you say a word over and over again until it sounds made-up. When I told people I was working on this book, the responses were wildly different, and extremely prejudicial. Some folks assumed I was writing only about the devil and rock music, others—believing the occult to be nothing more than base superstitions—thought the project had no merit, and then there were those that assumed, and hoped, I was going to be making metaphysical claims. I’m sure there were others who worried about my soul. There are just too many preconceived ideas to give it a single satisfying definition.… Read the rest

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The Uncensored Story of LA Artist/Occultist Marjorie Cameron

Many a disinfonaut knows the story of rocket scientist/occultist Jack Parsons, but have you heard of Marjorie Cameron, his wife and Kenneth Anger’s notorious “Scarlet Woman”? The New York Observer reports on a retrospective art exhibit focusing on Cameron’s work (if you’re in NYC, it runs until October 17th):

On Thursday night, a remembrance of sorts was held inside 76 Grand Street, the legendary former outpost, now reclaimed, of art dealer Jeffrey Deitch.

Close friends of occultist, artist, and iconic Los Angeles figure Marjorie Cameron gathered to share memories of the “Scarlet Woman” who starred in Kenneth Anger films and was married to rocket scientist Jack Parsons, amid a small but historic first East Coast survey of her artwork. The occasion for the panel on the woman and her work was a re-staging of the Los Angles Museum of Contemporary Art survey, or at least a portion of it, at the dealer’s Grand Street space.

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Black Sand: Occult-Themed Horror Short Film

A dark journey to an otherworldly coastal british town. When the moon is full and the time is right the locals engage in sacrifice.

Black Sand, an experimental short, watches as a music video, peppered with occult-themed horror. The short uses many horror tropes associated with the more “taboo” side of the Occult: human sacrifice, dark red hues, creepy animal masks, and fast-paced superimpositions and editing.

Director Aaron Jolly gives the film a bit of context:

It’s an experimental horror film that was filmed in Hastings, which also happens to be the last resting place of Aleister Crowley. A wonderful lady, Angel Rose, worked on the creative/costume side of things. I tried not to conform too much to the tropes of horror and attempted to make the film true to its location to give it some sort of realism and grounding in reality. The budget was microscopic, at around £150 I took aesthetic cues from “folk horror” films such as The Wicker Man but also from directors such as Dario Argento and Kenneth Anger.

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Skulls, Satan and Dave Grohl: Inside Mysterious Occult-Rock Band Ghost

Are any disinfonauts into Ghost, the band? Rolling Stone profiles the occult rockers, telling us that “the band has done more to bring blasphemous, religion-skewering devil rock to the mainstream masses than perhaps any act since Marilyn Manson rose from the swamps of Florida to declare himself the Antichrist Superstar”:

“You know, we thought we were going to be completely outed and everything was going to be over basically one week after the first record came out,” says one of the six anonymous members of Swedish occult-rock troupe Ghost. “We’re as baffled as anyone that it hasn’t happened yet. I have no idea how we’ve done it.”

Ghost performing live in Utrecht. Photo: Enric Martinez (CC)

Ghost performing live in Utrecht. Photo: Enric Martinez (CC)


In fact, it has been five years since the shrouded six-piece issued its debut, Opus Eponymous, an unholy amalgam of metal riffing (reference points: Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, Pentagram, Mercyful Fate), Satanic musings (first lyrics uttered on the first record: “Lucifer/We are here for your praise”) horror-church atmospherics and, perhaps most subversively, sticky-sweet hooks and melodies.

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