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You’ll Feel Safer Now: 87 Year-Old Man Busted for Pot Growing Operation

Via The Huffington Post:

Another day, another arrest in America’s fruitless war on drugs. This time it’s an 87 year-old man who will undoubtedly die in prison…all for the crime of growing and selling a medicinal plant that a majority of Americans favor decriminalizing altogether:

An 87-year-old Denver man was formally charged with multiple marijuana-related felonies on Friday: possession with intent to distribute-more than 100 pounds, cultivation-more than 30 plants, and possession of marijuana-more than twelve ounces.

The Denver District Attorney’s Office says that Edward Bogunovich was growing more than 400 marijuana plants in the backyard of his west Denver home. The number of plants exceeds that which “he was allowed for medical cultivation,” according to a Denver DA’s Office press release.

Breathe a little easier and read the rest of this harrowing tale at the Huffington Post.

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