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Octophotographer: Meet the Octopus That Will Take Your Picture

Rambo, a female octopus at the Sea Life Aquarium in Auckland, New Zealand, takes photos of her visitors with a waterproof camera.

Michelle Starr via CNet:

One octopus has been given a new toy that turns her into the world’s first professional octophotographer: a waterproof SonyCyber-shot DSC TX30. The octopus, named Rambo, has been trained to use the camera to take photos of visitors who stop by to see her at Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium in Auckland, New Zealand.

“When we first tried to get her to take a photo, it only took three attempts for her to understand the process. That’s faster than a dog,” Rambo’s trainer, Mark Vette, told Cult of Mac. “Actually, it’s faster than a human in some instances.”

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Giant Octopuses: The Underrated Cephalopods of the Sea

"Giant Pacific Octopus Being Playful" by Michael Bentley via Flickr. (CC by 2.0)

“Giant Pacific Octopus Being Playful” by Michael Bentley via Flickr. (CC by 2.0)

via Mysterious Universe:

When people think of giant tentacled beasts of the sea, surely the first creature to spring to mind is the giant squid or colossal squid. These are the rock stars of oversized cephalopods, and hog all the spotlight from their kin, the octopuses. It is often overlooked that there are very large octopuses lurking in the depths of our oceans, and if numerous reports from around the world are anything to go by, some of them are just as large and frightening as any giant squid.

The currently largest known octopus is the giant Pacific octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini), which inhabits the waters of the coastal North Pacific along California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska, Russia, northern Japan and Korea, and are found at depths of up to 2,000 m (6,600 ft). The giant Pacific octopus is truly enormous, and particularly large specimens can reach weights of up to 50 kg (110 lb) and have a radial arm span of a whopping 6 m (20 ft).

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Greek Scientists Create Robot Octopus, Hasten Doom of Planet Earth

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 10.03.37 AMRobot octopus? Wonder how long it seeks revenge for all of its grilled brethren?

Via Scientific American:

Researchers in Greece, however, have made a robot octopus that can propel itself through the water using only its eight arms.

Their prototype, announced earlier this summer, has mastered a handful of different swim strokes—including some even the octopus itself can’t pull off.

The robot octopus, initially outfitted with stiff limbs, can move all of its arms in and out in unison, slowly propelling the body along in the water. It can also perform a straight-armed technique in which each arm moves in and out independently

It has eight arms to hold you… and squeeze the life out of you.


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Antarctic ‘Lost World’ Discovered

New type of octopus found in Antarctic. Photo: Oxford Univ.

New type of octopus found in Antarctic. Photo: Oxford Univ.

Some of these creatures are pretty sci-fi! From Fox News:

A “lost world” of sea creatures was discovered near Antarctica, British scientists announced Wednesday.

New types of yeti crab, starfish and octopus were among the species found 8,000 feet (2,400 meters) below the surface of the sea, Oxford University researchers said.

The new life-forms were able to exist by feeding off chemicals from black smoke emitted by volcanic hot vents beneath the Southern Ocean, where temperatures can reach 720 degrees Fahrenheit (382 degrees Celsius).

“Hydrothermal vents are home to animals found nowhere else on the planet that get their energy not from the Sun but from breaking down chemicals, such as hydrogen sulphide,” according to Oxford University professor Alex Rogers, who led the research…

[continues at Fox News]

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Inside The Octopus Mind

octoWho can think? Who can feel? Via Orion, the revelation that octopi — boneless creatures with brains the size of a walnut — seem to have immense intelligence, feelings, and personalities is challenging our understanding of what consciousness means and where it comes from:

I have always loved octopuses. No sci-fi alien is so startlingly strange. Here is someone who, even if she grows to one hundred pounds and stretches more than eight feet long, could still squeeze her body through an opening the size of an orange; an animal whose eight arms are covered with thousands of suckers that taste as well as feel; a mollusk with a beak like a parrot and venom like a snake and a tongue covered with teeth; a creature who can shape-shift, change color, and squirt ink. But most intriguing of all, recent research indicates that octopuses are remarkably intelligent.

Many times I have stood mesmerized by an aquarium tank, wondering, as I stared into the horizontal pupils of an octopus’s large, prominent eyes, if she was staring back at me—and if so, what was she thinking?

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Germans Want To Throw Psychic Octopus Into Shark Tank

Paul the Octopus in his aquarium  tank next to a football shoe marked with the German flag colors. Photo: Tilla (CC)

Paul the Octopus in his aquarium tank next to a soccer shoe marked with the German flag colors. Photo: Tilla (CC)

You knew the psychic octopus was going to upset a lot of people in its homeland, Germany, if it predicted–correctly–a loss for their team. As AFP/The Local reports, the eight-legged wonder now needs all its supernatural powers to remain in good health:

It won’t come as much of a consolation to heartbroken German fans, but at least Paul, Germany’s now world-famous “Octopus oracle,” has maintained his perfect record predicting World Cup matches this summer…

The “psychic” creature has correctly predicted all six of Germany’s matches and, amid excruciating drama broadcast live on national television on Tuesday, plumped for Spain, causing anguish across the country.

The eight-legged soccer soothsayer was spot on Wednesday, as Carles Puyol’s semi-final header shattered Germany’s dreams of winning their fourth World Cup…

According to daily Der Westen, there have been “a host of comments on Facebook, Twitter … suggesting Paul should be fried, grilled or turned into a seafood salad or paella.

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