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BP Asks To Resume Gulf Coast Drilling

oil-rig-explosion-Deepwater-HorizonSome (who don’t speak Chinese) say that the Chinese word for “crisis” also means “opportunity”. Well, no one creates cris-portunities like BP does. Via the Boston Globe:

BP has asked US regulators for permission to resume drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, two company officials said yesterday.

The petition comes less than 15 months after a rig BP leased there exploded, causing a huge oil spill and killing 11 workers.

[One] other official said, “We’re making progress but it’s not a yes yet.’’ Both people spoke on the condition of anonymity because talks on a possible agreement were continuing.

Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico was halted last summer after the accident involving BP’s Macondo well, which spilled 4.9 million barrels of oil into the ocean. The ban was lifted in October.

Royal Dutch Shell won approval on Wednesday to drill off the coast of Louisiana on the condition that rigorous new safety standards were met.

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Oil Rig Explosion in Gulf of Mexico

I’m starting to think that oil and the Gulf are not a good combination. From USA Today:

An off-shore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded early Thursday, sending its crew of 13 scrambing into the water and creating a sheen of spilled oil.

The oil could be seen in a mile-long plume with a width of about 100 feet, Coast Guard Petty Officer Thomas Blue said. The slick was reported by the rig’s owner, Mariner Energy of Houston, and had not been confirmed by the Coast Guard, Blue said.

An oil industry vessel that was nearby plucked the crewmembers out of the water and brought them to a nearby platform, Blue said. Coast Guard helicopters were in the process of flying them to a hospital. One of the workers suffered a minor injury, Blue said.

The crew had donned brightly colored survival gear known as “Gumby suits” that helped them float and made them more visible.

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