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Ohio Voters Reject Legal Pot with a ‘Corporate Face’

Opponents of Issue 3 warned that the initiative would lead to a 'marijuana monopoly.' (Photo: Conor Morris/Athens News)

Opponents of Issue 3 warned that the initiative would lead to a ‘marijuana monopoly.’ (Photo: Conor Morris/Athens News)

This article originally appeared on Common Dreams.

Ohio on Tuesday voted down a contentious marijuana legalization bill that would have allowed medical and recreational use of pot but also granted exclusive production rights to a small network of 10 growing facilities.

Opponents of Issue 3, which included some legalization advocates, warned that it would help create a “marijuana monopoly” for the wealthy investors who owned the would-be production sites and were bankrolling the measure.

“The people of Ohio have understandably rejected a deeply flawed, monopolistic approach to marijuana reform that failed to garner broad support from advocates or industry leaders,” National Cannabis Industry Association executive director Aaron Smith said on Tuesday after the vote. “This debate has shown that there is a strong base of support for legalizing, taxing, and regulating marijuana.… Read the rest

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Ohio man gets ‘too high,’ calls police

I’d posit that it was actually the Doritos, Chips Ahoy and other junk “food” that made Ohio Man feel horribly ill, not the weed, but USA Today suggests otherwise:

An Austintown, Ohio, man with a serious case of the munchies called police to complain that he was “too high,” according to the Austintown Police Department.


Austintown police responded to the call around 5:20 p.m. Friday, Oct. 3 and found the 22-year-old “in the fetal position.” He “was surrounded by a plethora of Doritos, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and Chips Ahoy cookies,” according to the police report.

The victim told police he could not feel his hands, but declined medical service. He told the officer he “smoked too much weed.”

He told the officers that he smoked marijuana in his car, and gave permission for police to “recover the evidence” from his vehicle…

[continues at USA Today]

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Cleveland Judge Recommends Charges for Police Who Killed Tamir Rice

"Tamir Rice family photo" by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under Fair use of copyrighted material in the context of Shooting of Tamir Rice">Fair use via Wikipedia.

Tamir Rice family photo” by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

This post was originally published on Common Dreams. Read more of Deirdre Fulton’s posts here.

A judge in Cleveland on Thursday found probable cause that police officer Timothy Loehmann should face murder, involuntary manslaughter, reckless homicide, negligent homicide, and dereliction of duty charges in the shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice last November. The judge also ruled that probable cause exists to charge Loehmann’s partner, officer Frank Garmback, with negligent homicide and dereliction of duty.

However, Judge Ronald B. Adrine, presiding judge of the Municipal Court, said he did not have the power to order the officers’ arrests without complaints being filed by a prosecutor.

The ruling came after a group of activists and community leaders—the ‘Cleveland 8’—on Tuesday asked the court to have the officers arrested under a rarely used Ohio law that allows “a private citizen having knowledge of the facts” to start the process by filing an affidavit with a court.… Read the rest

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A Mad Pooper is Loose in Akron, Ohio

The Mad Pooper is still on the loose.

The Mad Pooper is still on the loose.

I once had a coworker who played a game called: “Ohio or Florida?” He would read news headlines of bizarre stories/crimes and try to guess if they happened in Ohio or Florida. His theory was that 9 times out of 10, these wild tales happened in either my home-state of Ohio or Florida. I would balk at this idea because, DUH, Ohio is great.

But then, I stumble upon stories like this and I realize, fuck, he may be right. I hail from Northeast Ohio, which makes this story even more hilarious.

There is a wild defecator on the loose in Akron, OH and his preferred toilet is the hood of cars. He also enjoys smearing it around—for some reason I’d rather not know. I think we need Tina Belcher to open an investigation.

It’s unclear if the mad pooper’s motive is mischief or if he has some underlying mental health issue. … Read the rest

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Putting Our Country Back Together

A largely quiet tactic to disenfranchise voters of all persuasions has become a target of reform-minded citizens in the wake of the 2014 midterm elections. While we have seen widespread pushback against voter suppression, unreliable voting machines, and unchecked spending in elections, Gerrymandering–the process of selectively re-drawing voters’ districts to ensure the outcome–has reached a critical mass in the fight for American Democracy. This is a tactic favored by incumbents of either political party, and as such this is a non-partisan issue affecting the public at large.

This short clip from my documentary PAY 2 PLAY illustrates how gerrymandering works, and how an equal number of voters can be strategically divided so as to guarantee districts that will vote a certain way. Featuring Marianne Williamson, an impassioned reformer, as well as the insight of Jerry Springer, whose previous jobs included Mayor of Cincinnati and Ohio gubernatorial candidate.

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens writes in his book Six Amendments that we even need a new amendment to the U.S.… Read the rest

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Watching Friends Recover From Addiction on Facebook

By Mr. Theklan via Flickr (CC by-sa 2.0)

By Mr. Theklan via Flickr (CC by-sa 2.0)

via The Atlantic:

Through likes and comments, I’ve watched my hometown of Perry, Ohio, disappear into and come back from heroin addiction.

The U.S. is facing a massive heroin epidemic, and nowhere is it more evident than in Ohio, where fatal drug overdoses surpassed car crashes as the leading cause of accidental death in 2007, and increased by 60 percent from 2011 to 2012. Addicts in rehabilitation say heroin is the easiest drug to find. State legislators have called for Republican Governor John Kasich to declare the prevalence of heroin a public-health emergency, and in May he agreed to an Obamacare Medicaid expansion largely because the state badly needed the federal help in funding treatment for heroin addiction.

Perry, Ohio, is a microcosm of the epidemic, which is now infiltrating upper-middle-class suburbs. Thirty minutes east of Cleveland, the town of 1,500 has a median annual income $31,000 higher than that of Ohio overall, but it also lacks opportunities for young adults to start their lives.

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Satan’s Hollow – The Portal from Ohio to Hell

This video by a YouTube channel called “‘Believe’ A Paranormal Experience” follows two young men on a pilgrimage/road-trip across country to visit paranormal places. Their last stop requires venturing into a storm drain known as “Satan’s Hollow” which allegedly hosts/hosted devil worshipers and demonic rituals. The radio device they use to communicate with the netherworld at the end is a nice touch.

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Scientists at work: capturing beautiful millipedes in Ohio

By Derek Hennen, University of Arkansas
This article was originally published on The Conversation.
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I stumbled through the forest, attempting to find a path I knew was there. It didn’t take that long to find the decaying bridge, now being overtaken by blackberry and multiflora rose. That is where I had marked a spot for some moist leaf litter. I crouched and dug around in the litter to find an inch-long creature, chestnut-brown with pink highlights, curled up on top of the dirt. I had found my quarry.

Derek Hennen, Author provided

My three-week quest was in the state of Ohio in the US. I came to collect millipedes, the many-legged cousins of insects and spiders. My goal was to survey the state’s species, photographing and collecting as many as possible during my stay.

Ohio sits on the northwestern edge of Appalachia, a hotspot of diversity for millipedes.… Read the rest

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Ohio Firefighter Creates Device to Keep Gunmen Out of Classrooms

In recent light of all the school shootings, many have wondered how to keep the children safe. A firefighter and SWAT medic who was also concerned, designed a device to keep intruders out.


There are three designs for three different door types.

Model DSO For Outward Swinging Doors

Model DSI For Inward Swinging Doors

Model DCS For Scissor Action Door Closers

You can check out all the features here.

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‘Sovereign Citizen’ Agrees to Plea Deal After Girlfriend Agrees to Testify Against Him


hamilton-county-justice-center-booking-photoOhio’s Robert Carr has agreed to a plea guilty to one count of breaking and entering as part of a plea deal in connection with his attempt to claim seven empty homes.

Via The Raw Story:

The Ohio man who identified himself as a “sovereign citizen” in defending his attempt to steal 11 homes struck a plea deal on Monday not long after his girlfriend indicated she planned to testify against him.

WLWT-TV reported that Robert Carr reluctantly pled guilty to one count of breaking and entering as part of the agreement. He faces up to a year in prison in an upcoming sentencing hearing.

Carr was indicted by a grand jury in December 2013 after “rejecting” an arrest warrant on breaking and entering charges.

He had reportedly found the empty homes in the Cincinnati area, then attempted to file “quiet titles” over them, including seven claims in one day.

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