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The Menhaden Disaster

MenhadenYou might think that menhaden aren’t important to you, but you’d be wrong. Paul Greenberg starts out writing about fish oil and Omega-3s, which may or may not interest you, but when he gets to the part about where those supplements come from, it gets serious. In the New York Times:

…The deal with fish oil, I found out, is that a considerable portion of it comes from a creature upon which the entire Atlantic coastal ecosystem relies, a big-headed, smelly, foot-long member of the herring family called menhaden, which a recent book identifies in its title as “The Most Important Fish in the Sea.”

The book’s author, H. Bruce Franklin, compares menhaden to the passenger pigeon and related to me recently how his research uncovered that populations were once so large that “the vanguard of the fish’s annual migration would reach Cape Cod while the rearguard was still in Maine.” Menhaden filter-feed nearly exclusively on algae, the most abundant forage in the world, and are prolifically good at converting that algae into omega-3 fatty acids and other important proteins and oils.

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