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Scientists Say They Can Now Test Theory Of Early Universe Being One Dimension


Site where stars are being born in Emission nebula NGC 604 2.7 million light years from Earth.

A relatively new theory suggests that the early stages of the universe may have been only one dimension and gradually gained more dimensions as it expanded. Does this mean the universe may eventually see a fourth dimension? Via Daily Mail:

Did the early universe have just one spatial dimension? That’s the mind-boggling question at the heart of a theory scientists say they are on the brink of solving.

The theory was first proposed by physicist Dejan Stojkovic and colleagues from the University of Buffalo in 2010.

They suggested that the early universe – which exploded from a single point and was tiny at first – was one-dimensional (like a straight line) before expanding to include two dimensions (like a plane) and then three, which is the world in which we live today.

The theory, if valid, would address important conundrums facing particle physicists.

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